Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Marissa decides to give up TV for a day

marissa writes a blog on wednesday...

So tonight we are having an easy night at home, watching a dvd. I hate to be negative, but on Wednesdays I just can't find anything on TV that I like to watch, even with the new digital channels.

Because of this I have been thinking about whether or not to get Foxtel. But I guess I could try something a little crazy first... like doing something other than watching TV!

I am one of those people who likes to have the TV on in the background. I don't spend all day watching it, but is on. So I have been wondering if I can go without, and if I did, what sort of difference it would make to my day.

Well, only one way to find out (or whatever the saying is)!

I thought it would take a lot of effort to convince Ben to give this a try, but he has actually been very supportive of the idea. I hope baby Sophie takes it just as well :)

So I have picked next Wednesday as the day. Not tomorrow ('Beauty and the Geek' is on!), next Wednesday. After all, I might as well pick a day where there isn't anything good on!

The only thing I have to do now is decide what to do all day and all night! Any suggestions?

I'll blog next Thursday about how it goes. Hopefully it's not too painful. I am a little worried that Ben and I will run out of things to talk about...

Ok I can't back that up - I can talk for hours. But can Ben handle me talking without the TV buffer??? Only time will tell...

See you next time,

xo Marissa.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

reliving my favourite songs...

marissa writes a blog on tuesday...

So just a quickie blog tonight as bed is calling...

Here are my top 10 favourite songs, in no particular order. Hope you enjoy them too!

  1. '9 to 5' by Dolly Parton: cause it's fun to sing!
  2. 'Amazed' by Lonestar: our wedding dance song
  3. 'Islands in the Stream' by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers: I didn't realise I had a Dolly Parton theme going on here...
  4. 'Baby got Back' by Sir Mixalot: inappropriate, but so fun
  5. 'Dancing on the ceiling' by Lionel Richie: never gets old...
  6. 'Uptown Girl' by Billy Joel: so catchy and I still love the film clip. If only Billy and Christie had worked out :(
  7. 'Jesse's Girl' by Rick Springfield: just love it :)
  8. Any Christmas carols: continuing my obsession with Christmas
  9. 'Don't call me Baby' by Madison Avenue: I sing this in the car all the time
  10. 'My heart will go on' by Celine Dion: ...... just kidding

10. 'Things that make you go hmmm' by C&C music factory: Admit, you like that one too...

And a couple of special mentions that didn't quite make the cut but still make me giggle:

  • 'I'm Yours' by Jason Mraz: Because at first I got the words wrong and instead of sing "I won't hesitate no more', I sang 'I won't eat satay no more'... Have a listen, you'll see where I'm coming from
  • 'Tiny Dancer' by Elton John: Relieved to know I wasn't the only one who got the words to this one wrong (they even said it on the TV show Friends): Instead of 'Hold me closer tiny dancer' I sang 'Hold me closer Tony Danza'.

See you next time,

xo Marissa.

Monday, October 26, 2009

marissa does the housework...

marissa writes a blog on monday...

So I used to hate housework. I don't mean that in a bad way, but let's face it, chores are boring :)

I have found the only way to get through housework is to love it. Nope, I'm not crazy, I really mean it! I had to fake it at first, but I have found that over time, and with the help of a few cute little props and guidelines, it's become quite enjoyable.

Here's what I do in order to love the jobs I do around the house:

  1. Cooking: I pretend I have my own cooking show. No, I don't actually set up a camera, but I do pretend one is there.. and yes, I talk out loud. Think I surprised my husband the first time he caught me doing it!
  2. Ironing: I have to have a particular iron (a Morphy Richards), and I take my time - no rushing, lots of steam, with a great tv show or movie on in front of me.
  3. Dishes: I like to have pretty gloves (pink or green), and I always wash dishes in a particular order (glasses, cutlery, plates, then platters, bowls and pots). And I stack them to drip dry - I hate drying dishes. Ooh, and my dish rack is a pretty Ikea one!
  4. Making the bed: Always more fun if it's set up like a hotel bed - lots of cushions (sorry Ben!)
  5. Cleaning the bathroom: I like to fold the end of the toilet paper into a little triangle like they do in hotels..
  6. Delegating: I never want to mow the lawn or wash the car. Ever. I'm very lucky that I have a great husband who doesn't mind doing these jobs (and probably knows I would do them very badly). But to be fair, I will never force Ben to do them either. If it is ever my turn to do either of these jobs - I will do them - by delegating them: Jim's mowing for the lawn, and a drive through car wash for the car :)

Those are my top jobs and how I handle them. I know it's a little princessy of me, but we all need to be a little high maintenance from time to time, don't we?

Does anyone have any little tricks or tips of their own to make housework more enjoyable? Leave me a comment and let me know - anything would help! Especially if you have one for cleaning the oven!!

See you next time,

xo Marissa.

Friday, October 23, 2009

marissa's selective memory...

marissa writes a blog on friday...

So today I was in the car, listening to a cd when I realised my memory is... strange.

For the past few years I have been trying to come to terms with the fact that I have a bad memory. I think that's why I really like structure, routine, to do lists etc - because I can do these things without needing to remember anything.

Don't get me wrong, it's not that I have no memories at all. When I look back on my past, I can recall plenty of things, but they are quick flashes, almost like watching scenes in a movie or TV show - I only really recall the things I found interesting, or funny.

Maybe everyone's memory works like this. Let me know if yours does too :)

I can't really trust my memory though. An example: I spent 10 years being not too impressed with something my sister did when we were kids only to discover that it was actually something she did in a dream I had. Sorry Mel :)

But today I realised I have this strange ability to recall things on auto pilot. I was driving in the car with baby Sophie, listening to a cd (ok fine, it was Christmas Carols - I know, it's too early, but in my defense, the local Kmart put their xmas decorations up this week, so really I am just supporting our local community) when I noticed that I was able to predict almost every next song... I know - amazing.

I hadn't listened to this particular cd for something like 7 or 8 years and still new what was coming up! And you know what? I'm also very good at Trivial Pursuit.

Maybe everyone really does have some sort of superpower, and this is mine. (On a side note - I would prefer if my power was the ability to blink myself places like Jeannie on 'I dream of Jeannie' - but that's a story for another time).

So this weekend I'm going to apply to a few game shows, and try my luck at winning hundreds, thousands, or even millions of dollars. Make the most of my newly discovered talent.

I'm already thinking of what to spend my riches on :)

See you next time,

xo Marissa.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Marissa as a mother....

marissa writes a blog on thursday...

So today I took baby Sophie for her immunisation. She went pretty well with the needles, a bit of crying, but as soon as she had her morning bottle afterward she was back to her usual bright eyed, happy, smiley self :)

It did make her very sleepy for the rest of the day though. She slept really well for her lunchtime nap. In fact, she slept a little too well - I had to keep checking on her because I was paranoid something was wrong, she was just too quiet!

It has me wondering... I may be an obsessed mother now. Is it normal to do the following?

  • Put the volume of the baby monitor on as loud as possible: so I can hear her breathing - it's not enough that we have a video monitor (with night vision) so I can see her.

  • Only have showers when someone else is at home: once I have my head under water, all I can hear is a baby crying! Then I turn the shower off and... nothing. It was my imagination. Don't worry - I still shower everyday :)

  • Relate every conversation I have with people back to Sophie: "Oh, you just bought a new washing machine? That reminds me, the other day I was watching a commercial about washing machines with Sophie, and she laughed all the way through it - so funny. Oh that reminds me, Sophie has sooo much washing, I have to do 3 loads today. Oh, that reminds me, I need to go shopping for clothes for Sophie. Oh, that reminds me - I went shopping with Sophie the other day and she was so cute. Oh that reminds me......"

  • Get freaked out about germs: I know you should let your kids come into contact with some germs so you don't mess up their immune system (at least that's what everyone's telling me), but how much is too much? And how do I know which germs are acceptable and which ones aren't?

  • Have confusing standards: At the moment I have a cold and I'm paranoid about making Sophie sick (Well, I was paranoid - she has a runny nose now so I didn't do very well...). So I wash my hands every time I go to pick her up, to keep my germs away. But then I forget and give her 10 kisses right after I pick her up, which probably spreads the same amount of germs anyway. Mother of the year...

See what I mean? Obsessed. And that's just a few things - there's probably a hundred others I could tell you about - but then you would think I'm weird, so I'll just end the blog here tonight.

See you next time,

xo Marissa.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wine Time...

marissa writes a blog on wednesday...

So I'm really looking forward to a glass of wine tonight.

Aah, wine. White wine, red wine, dessert wine, sparkling wine - there are so many types that I love. I am an Equal Opportunity wine drinker - I don't just pick one and stick with it, I feel that different types of wine apply to different occasions and settings. For example, these are a few of my personal preferences:

  • Sparkling wine: Suitable for special / romantic occasions such as weddings, bridal showers, Valentine's day, birthday dinner (at a special restaurant) or pretty much anywhere that has candlelight. Also a great wine to give as a special gift (thanks Dean!)
  • White wine: Great for lunches out, especially if you are sitting by the water at a lovely seafood restaurant. White wine is my preferred choice for parties too, as it doesn't make your teeth go purple (like red wine), and you don't get tipsy as quickly as you do with sparkling wine.
  • Red wine: Perfect for nights at home, cold nights, locations with fireplaces - red wine makes me feel cosy. I'm also more likely to drink red wine if I am wearing red nail polish - not sure why, it just fits..
  • Dessert wine: Good for dessert. You all saw that one coming :)

So as you can see I appreciate my (as Kath and Kim put it) 'Wine Time'. I have to be careful when I pour it myself though - I don't have any of those glasses with the line on them like you see in pubs or restaurants. You know - the line that tells you how far to fill the glass to make one standard drink.

I don't drink and drive so that's not the issue - but I don't like hangovers either, so I like to pour my wine carefully. So what I do is count to 6 when I pour the glass, and when I get to 6, I know I have the perfect amount.

Except on those days when counting to 6 is just not enough, and only a size 8 will do :)


See you next time,

xo Marissa.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

marissa loses her voice...

marissa writes a blog on tuesday...

So I have no voice at the moment. Well, practically no voice. I keep going between raspy (yet somehow quite sultry) and no voice at all...

On account of not having a voice, baby Sophie and I stayed home today. I thought it would be easiest - after all, if we went out I wouldn't be able to say anything, so we couldn't really visit anyone, or go shopping - don't want the sales people to think I'm rude for not answering when they say hello!

The only trouble was, there were a few things around the house that were difficult to do without a voice, so it was a harder day than I thought it would be. Here are some of the things I had trouble with:

  • Talking to Sophie: Sophie's only 4 months old, so she doesn't understand why mummy was using her "scary" voice today... Every time I picked her up after one of her naps today and said hello she went from a big, sparkly-eyed smile to a look that said "Who is this weirdo?"...
  • Singing to Sophie: As above, but worse. All of Sophie's nursery rhymes sounded like horror stories when I sang them with my husky voice today!
  • The phone ringing: Here's the thing. Every time the phone rang today, I decided to let the machine get it. After all, I couldn't talk, so what's the point of picking up? Plus if it was urgent I could still find out from listening to the message and then decide what to do e.g. text the person and let them know what was going on. The problem is, every single time the phone rang today, no-one left a message! So here's a lesson for everyone, even if you don't like answering machines - when you call someone and they are not home, please leave a message, because sometimes they are home, but have no voice (and other times they just don't get to the phone in time)! Wait - Ben just said he was the one that called! Don't worry, I'll be making him read my blog tonight...
  • The bird next door: The poor thing. Usually when I hang the washing, I have the following conversation with it: "Hello" (Bird) "Hello" (Me) "What are you doing?" (Bird) "Just the washing" (Me). Today, I couldn't answer, and I think he thought I was just being rude...

Well, as you can see, the day had a few hiccups - but it all turned out fine in the end. Sophie got used to me, happy to report she is smiling as usual :) I'm off to have a glass of wine now - whoops sorry - I mean, some tea with lemon and honey.

See you next time,

xo Marissa

Monday, October 19, 2009

Update: The 'Lose baby weight challenge!

marissa writes a blog on monday...

So it's time for another update on how the weight loss is going, and this week it's a tough one to write - because I have been slacking off.

Yep - This week I started out with the usual habits and added 1 new one, like I have every week. But I'm sorry to say I didn't really follow through with my actions :(

Here are the details:

  • No second helpings: What can I say? At our family dinner on Thursday night (we have family dinner night every week with my parents, my brother and his family, and my sister and her family), my parents made moussaka - and it was so good *sigh* that I had a second serve (and loved it at the time!). So I'll have to focus on that one more this week.
  • Apples for morning tea: Nope, didn't do this either. But happy to say I had my apple today, so this one is looking a bit more successful this week.
  • Hot water with lemon to start the day: Proud to say that I did this one every day, and loved it!
  • Exercise: Hmmm, no easy way to say this - I didn't do any. None. Nothing at all. So today I decided enough excuses - and I took Sophie out in the pram for a walk around the block. It's a big block, with hills, too - so today, I am proud of myself. Let's just see that I do something tomorrow as well. I'll post on Twitter when I do :)

In light of my slacking off week, I have decided not to add a new task this week. I'd rather get the ones I have already committed to back on track.

Before I go tonight, I would like to give a shout out to my friend Lloyd and say thanks for your support with my weight loss challenge - albiet in a most unusual way...

Lloyd was at Sophie's naming day and was sitting next to me while I was eating Maltesars, and overheard me telling his lovely wife "Right - this is the last Maltesar I am having tonight"..... so he promptly picked up the bowl of Maltesars and put them out of my reach! Well, I thought, that's a risky game..... but you know what? It worked! I didn't have any more Maltesars - after all, Lloyd would have caught me, and that would have been embarrassing! Plus it was pretty funny the way he did it.

So Lloyd (you know who you are), this one's for you :)

See you next time,

xo Marissa

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sick again!

marissa writes a blog on sunday...

So it seems I have a cold / virus.... again!

I'm feeling very sorry for myself today, because this is the 3rd time in about 6 weeks! Scratchy throat, headache, cough, stuffed up nose, etc.... it's so not pretty.

Luckily so far this time it's just me - baby Sophie and Ben appear to be fine at the moment. But even Ben's not taking any chances this time - He and Sophie have gone to visit her Grandparents today so that a) I can rest up and get better, and b) they will be less likely to catch my cold. Here's hoping!

It got me thinking though, how is it possible to get sick 3 times in 6 weeks? Especially seeing I am not at work at the moment and don't see as many people each day as I used to. You would think the chances of catching anything would be much smaller!

Once I get better this time (and I'm aiming for just a couple of days rather than a week, hence my taking it very easy today and tomorrow), I intend to stay much more healthy and not come down with anything for at least the next few months.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can make that happen?

At least on the bright side, I get to rest up and maybe watch one of my favourite movies today. Think I'll pick one out of my list on Friday night's blog. Which one do you think I should go with?

See you next time,

xo Marissa.

Friday, October 16, 2009

my top 5 favourite romance movies (actually...)

marissa writes a blog on friday...

So tonight's blog is a quickie. In honour of 'Love Actually' playing on tv tonight, here's a list of my Top 5 favourite romantic movies of all time... in kind of an order of preference (my preference changes based on my mood):

  1. One Fine Day: George Clooney and Michelle Pfeiffer. I saw this movie about 7 times in the cinema, and can still quote it word for word. Yes, I also own a copy..
  2. Mr and Mrs Smith: Come on, it's a love story! Boy meets girl, boy and girl get married, boy and girl realise they work as assassins for opposite agencies.....
  3. How to Marry a Millionaire: Romantic and educational.
  4. Splash: A story of how love can conquer anything, even love between 2 different types of people - men and mermaid. This theme also works well with the movie 'Mannequin'..
  5. The Notebook: Oh come on, you knew I was going to include this one. It might take 4 hrs, yes, you may cry for 3 and a half of them, but it's worth it :)

Ah, romance movies. On a Friday night, together with a glass of wine and some chocolate, I can think of hardly anything better...

P.S. For those of you that were wondering, Love Actually is my #6 - of course I wasn't going to leave it out! And I love that it's set at Christmas Time, you know how I love Christmas...

See you next time,

xo Marissa.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

life without mobile...

marissa writes a blog on thursday...

So last night my mobile phone stopped working. Before you panic - it's ok now. I think it was just overworked and needed a bit of a time out :)

What surprised me was how much I felt the loss. To give you an idea, here's a run through of what my HipTop and I went through last night..

9pm: Everything going fine - just sitting on the lounge, writing last night's blog on the laptop, with my trusty HipTop sitting next to me. Just quietly enjoying each other's company.

10.30pm: Hmm, somethings not quite right... I take a look at the clock and realise it's half past ten, which is baby Sophie's last bottle time for the night. Normally my alarm on my mobile goes off at 10.20pm to remind me to get her bottle ready - but tonight it didn't... weird.

PS - Yes, I set an alarm for Sophie's feed times. But to clarify, I don't set them to remind me to feed her, I set them because when I get involved in something - a movie, conversation, blogging, etc - I lose track of time really easily. So I set an alarm to make sure I am always prepared. For more information, see my previous post on routine and structure (14/10/09) for more detail.)

11.30pm: After Sophie goes back to bed, I take a look at my phone and notice that the alarm did go off, but it was silent. Check the settings and volume, no problem there, so I'm not sure why it didn't have sound (especially as it has worked every other night on the same setting).

11.40pm: I decide to try my universal fix for all mobile phone issues - turn it off and then turn it on again. As this problem is a big one, I also add the extra effort of crossing my fingers and wishing really hard that it fixes itself. No luck. And to make things worse, it didn't even turn off properly! Now it was just showing this white screen :(

11.45pm: Try taking the battery out to turn the phone off properly. No luck. Can't get it out.

11.46pm: Hand the phone to Ben and ask him to take the battery out for me. This works. Excellent. Good job Ben.

11.47pm: Try turning the phone back on again. No luck. Whoops, I seem to have made the situation worse.

11.48pm: Decide it must be a flat battery. Try plugging phone in and turning it on again. Nope, still won't turn on.

At this point, it's getting close to midnight, and I really need to be in bed. Normally I browse through Facebook and Twitter in bed on my phone until I get drowsy, so after putting up with me giving big 'I wish my phone worked' sighs, Ben offered to lend me his.

Such a nice gesture - but it's not the same as my phone. Ben's phone is fancier, has more features etc etc. But it has one of those virtual keyboards, and mine has real keys, so that wasn't going to work for me. Plus I don't know all the keyboard shortcuts or how to bring the internet up on it. And if you turn the phone on it's side, the picture turns around so that it's upright again. What if I want to look at it sideways (although, to be fair, I haven't wanted to yet. But that could change...)?

The good news is when I woke up this morning and turned my phone on, it worked this time! I have no idea why, but I was so glad to see it again. I didn't realise how much I would miss it. Crazy.

All I can say is, let's hope the computer or TV doesn't go on the blink, then I'd be in real trouble. Lucky I still have books, cooking and Ben and baby Sophie to keep me entertained :)

See you next time,

xo Marissa.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

marissa skips a blog...

marissa writes a blog on wednesday...

So you may have noticed that I didn't blog on Monday... it was just a case of running out of time that day, but it opened up a whole new can of worms (or whatever the saying is) for me...

Those of you who know me, know that I like structure. I like routines - I even have one for baby Sophie - our day just runs so smoothly when we keep to it! I also love 'To Do' lists - and I love crossing each thing off as I do it. Ok fine, I also write things on my To Do list that I have already done that day, so that I can cross them off too. I'm sure other people do that too, right? Anyway, I'm certainly not big on surprises or things that can mess up my happy structured existence.

So missing my blog on Monday has been on my mind ever since. It just doesn't feel right.

I did originally plan to do 2 blogs on Tuesday to catch up, and just change the posting times and dates so it looked like I did one on Monday. I loved that idea until I realised it meant I was getting a little obsessed. That can't be good. So I have deliberately decided not to do a catch up blog.

Whoa, that was hard to write. It's bugging me even now. Seriously, in my head right now I'm going "Actually, I could just delete everything I have written about not doing a catch up blog, and then write a catch up blog..." No Marissa, don't do it! You can handle going outside of your routine... No I can't... but maybe I can.... well, I'll try.... See, it's torture.

But I think it's worth sticking to it. I love my blog, but I also love my family, friends and life in general, so I can't let my blog take over (sorry blog...)

So if every once in a while, you notice I miss a day, it's ok. I'll be back soon. And in the meantime, there's always Facebook and Twitter :)

See you next time,

xo Marissa.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Update: The great baby weight loss challenge..

marissa writes a blog on tuesday...

So it's time for another weight loss update!

Here is a run down on the habits I have incorporated so far, and how they went this week:

  • no second helpings: pretty good, haven't had seconds for any main meals, but I am finding the temptation to snack a bit hard to resist, especially if baby Sophie and I are at home for the day.
  • an apple each day for morning tea: worked really well until we were quarantined and I ran out of apples. The good news though is that now we can leave the house, so it's off to the supermarket tomorrow for some more :)
  • drink more water: have to admit, this one went way better than I thought it would - in particular the hot water and lemon juice as my first drink of the day. I only forgot twice, and on the days I remembered I rally enjoyed it - especially when I switched from plastic lemon juice (you know, the kind that comes in the bottle) to real slices of lemon. It just looks so much prettier...

This week's habit: Ok, the time has come. A few of you have said this to me over the past couple of weeks, and you are right, I just didn't want to admit it... This week I'll start exercising regularly. And I need to - I just don't move as much as I could. In a world of remotes, the Internet, cars and central heating, there are less and less reasons to get moving. So it looks like I'll have to schedule it in, make it part of my to do list :) I'll let you know what I try and how it goes on my next update.

Well, I'm off to hide the remotes and the car keys (at least that will get me started!)...

See you next time,

xo Marissa

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bathurst, Bathurst, Bathurst..

marissa writes a blog on sunday...

So today I tried to give the Bathurst 1000 a go. Not drive in it (obviously), but watch it. And not by choice - Ben had the remote control. However, although I'm not a big car race fan, everyone seems to be so passionate about it, so I figured there must be something good about it...

I am a hard sell when it comes to car racing. Don't get me wrong, we have a Holden and I love our car - it's roomy, looks nice, has cup holders (I've never had them before) and is generally a very comfy car. Plus, it's full of surprises - I only just learnt the other day that you don't have to open the boot with the button on the car key - there's a button inside the car as well!

But liking the car and liking the race are very different things. There are a few things I just don't get about the Bathurst 1000. It's a very long race. 161 Laps, I'm told. It takes all day. And they don't actually get anywhere by the end of it - they just go around and around and around....

And what's with the driver swapping? If I was in charge of the Bathurst 1000, I would keep it to one driver per car, and cut the race in half. And on that note - does the safety car have a back up driver? I think it would only be fair, after all, you don't know how many times he has to go out there..

I also think Holden and Ford kind of hog the limelight here. What's the harm in throwing in a Toyota, or maybe even a Mitsubishi? Give everyone a chance...

There were a couple of things I liked though - it got a bit exciting when it rained, and they did this thing when one guy's brakes were getting worn out - they showed the inside (or underneath??) of the car and you could see the parts turn really bright red when the guy put the brakes on.

In the end though, I had to change channels. Don't hate me - I appreciate that other people love it, but Bathurst wasn't for me. It's all that car noise.... just got to be too much. Plus, Charlie's Angels was playing on the Go! Channel, and I love Charlie's Angels - I'd love to be a Charlie's Angel... but that's another blog, for another day.

See you next time,

xo Marissa.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

My addiction to Speed (the movie I mean...)

marissa writes a blog on saturday....

Ah, Keanu. I'm not a huge fan, but one movie you really did well in is 'Speed'.

Tonight's blog is about my love of the movie 'Speed', seeing it's playing on tv tonight. Not 'Speed 2', mind you - just 'Speed'. 'Speed 2' doesn't work for me for a number of reasons, the biggest 2 being a) no Keanu, and b) it's a cruise ship. Cruise ships do not speed. They are slow. I have been on one. Trust me. They are fun, but they are slow...

I love 'Speed' so much, I own it. On video. What? It came out a good 10 years ago - I didn't have a DVD player then. Actually, I'm not even sure it was out on DVD back then (or if DVD even existed yet).

Anyway, because I own it, I have watched it a lot of times. So I can recall pretty much the whole movie from memory. Here are my favourite parts:

  • The Elevator scene at the beginning: it doesn't matter how many times I watch the movie, I always forget that it starts with the elevator scene - I just assume it goes straight to the bus part.
  • Keanu wearing his SWAT gear: Can anyone buy a SWAT uniform (Ben...)?
  • "Pop quiz..." I love it when the bad guy says that... in fact, I think I'll start using it. "Pop quiz Ben - who is doing the washing up tonight?"
  • When the bus hits the pram: I don't like that it happens, but it shocks me every time (ps who puts cans in a pram?)
  • The bus number is 2525: and the bomb blows up when the bus goes 50 mph. 25 + 25 = 50. Coincidence? I don't think so...
  • I love how old their mobile phones are : And I bet it doesn't have the internet on it.
  • The big jump: when the bus jumps over the gap in the freeway - "50 feet - at least!". Doesn't look like the bus is going to make it - but it does! Good times...

So those are my favourite moments - what are yours?

See you next time,

xo Marissa.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Potatoes...what happend to the Simple Life?

marissa writes a blog on friday...

So first of all I should point out that tonight's blog is not about bringing back the Paris Hilton / Nicole Richie's show 'The Simple Life'... sorry to all Paris and Nicole fans!

Tonight's blog is about how complicated even the little things in life have become.... things I thought would always stay simple have become more and more complex over the last few years...

Take potatoes.

Yes, potatoes. The other day I went to my local supermarket - a different one to my usual - looking to buy a bag of potatoes. I was making a Thai red curry with prawns for dinner and was planning on adding a few potatoes to make the dish a real comfort food (perfect for this cold weather we have been having lately). Mmmm.....

I wasn't prepared for how many potato choices there would be! I was expecting the usual, of course - regular potatoes, washed potatoes, sweet potatoes, even those purple ones. I was not expecting potatoes categorised into methods of cooking!

I'm talking about what I thought were regular, white potatoes. Did you know that some are meant for boiling, microwaving and mashing, and others are meant for boiling, microwaving, roasting and salads? And the price for a bag of them is a difference of $1.50? And to be honest, I wasn't boiling, mashing, roasting or making a salad - I was just chopping up the potatoes and letting them simmer in my curry... does that mean I was meant to look for another potato type? (And this was just the fresh food section - you should have seen the potato options in the frozen section!)

In the end I decided to be a rebel - I bought the ones for boiling, microwaving and mashing. I figured a) simmering is close to boiling, and b) these potatoes were cheaper...

It took me 10 minutes to make this decision though - I felt a bit guilty that I wasn't buying the exact potato for my cooking style (I even looked around before I picked them up to see if anyone was watching me choose..). But it worked out for the best - the meal was great, the potatoes turned out perfect :)

Next time though, I think I'll shop at my usual supermarket - they only have the regular 3 types of potato so I imagine the choosing will be a lot easier :)

So to sum up, if potatos have now spawned 12 different species, the world is getting much too complicated for me. On the other hand, maybe it's always been like this, and it's just me who hasn't noticed it before.... am I the only one?

See you next time....

xo Marissa

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ads I love (and ads I don't love...)

marissa writes a blog on thursday...

So tonight's blog is a simple one.... I'm listing my top 5 favourite and least favourite ads on tv.

I've been stuck in the house all day, and Sophie has been very sleepy today. Plus it's been really cold and windy, so it was a perfect day to stay comfy and watch tv. With tv comes ads, so I have seen quite a few of them today :) So that's my inspiration for tonight's blog - my top 5 favourite and least favourite (past and present) ads....

Here are my top 5's:

Top 5 favourite ads (in no particular order):
  • Pal dog food: The one where the dog goes into his kennel and then it sinks into the ground cause he hasn't been eating lite dog food :) I also like the one where the dog sits in the passenger seat and makes the car tilt on it's side!
  • Foxtel: The one where the couple is trying to decide where to put the second box and decide on the rumpus room, then the Foxtel guy asks where the bathroom is and the dad thinks he means put the Foxtel in the bathroom!
  • Pure Blonde beer: The one where the man finds the injured bird with the blue paint on it's head and nurses it back to health, then releases it, only to have it hit the pure blonde mural again (getting blue paint on it's head)
  • Greater Union Cinemas: The one with that guy who thinks he is famous and throws the phone at the hotel guy! And throws his car keys at the random guy at the corner shop, as if he is valet parking! Good times...
  • Carlton Draught: The one with the guys running into the field and all making that massive picture of the man drinking beer!

The 5 ads I don't like:

  • The red cross ad: Where there are no pictures, just words on the screen and a lady talking about giving blood
  • The Rivers ads: I just don't get any of them... ?!?
  • Eye Care Plus: The one with that lady on the train who 'can't see anything, really...'
  • Subway: The one where everyone dances in a line. I don't know why, but something bugs me about the last guy that does that weird dance down the subway sandwich counter line...
  • Any infomercials on morning tv shows: Except for the swivel sweeper (with super bright rubbish light!) and especially the ones for life insurance - any of them...

And a special mention to my 2 all time favourites:

  • 'Not happy Jan': The yellow pages ad
  • G..O..G..G..O... the goggomobile ad - can anyone tell me what this ad was for?

Anyway, hopefully now I have inspired you to give the ads a go now, rather than channel surfing during your favourite show's commercial breaks :)

See you next time,

xo Marissa.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


marissa writes a blog on wednesday...

So if you are looking for any member of the Roberts family this week, you can find us at home. We have all picked up a virus! Not a really bad one, but an annoying one... so we have been told to stay away from everyone until we get better. From everyone. I feel like I'm in that movie Outbreak. You know, with the monkey, and McDreamy from Grey's Anatomy... before he was McDreamy - I don't like his hair in that movie... anyway, I'm getting off topic...

It started the day after Sophie's naming day - I woke up with a bit of a scratchy throat, but I put it down to the changes in the weather lately - after that I didn't think much about it... until Ben mentioned he thought he was getting a cold again (we only got over colds a couple of weeks ago!).

Cut to 2 days later and I have little spots on me! So of course the first thing I worry about is how serious it is and can Sophie catch it?!?! Whoops - and I was worried about you too, Ben, I swear!

So I do the sensible mum thing and I make a doctor's appointment for Friday - after all, we have a big weekend planned - a trip to Sydney to visit friends and relatives. P.S Ben laughed at me because I knew the doctor's phone number by heart - I was surprised I did too - when did that happen?? Is that a sign that I'm getting old? Actually, is worrying that I'm getting old a sign that I'm getting old?

Ok, so now I can relax, I thought. I've done everything I can, I just need to take it easy and look after Sophie (plus I love any excuse to nap when she naps, so it worked out well). But no...

On closer inspection, little Sophie has spots too! So, back on the phone to the dr, this time they squeezed in an appointment for this afternoon (I have a really great doctor's surgery). Pity I a) didn't have a car to take her to the dr in, and b) wasn't up to driving due to my symptoms!

So poor Ben had to bring the car home and take us both out there. Then we had to sit outside while we waited at the surgery because somebody (read: Ben) didn't want to wear the swine flu mask (ps we don't have swine flu, it's ok, stop panicking...). Is it daggy that I would have been quite excited to wear the mask? Although I don't know how we would have kept one on Soph :)

Anyway, in a nut shell (where does that saying come from anyway?), we all have the virus and we will all be contagious until Monday. Lucky us. So now I'll be cancelling the plans we had for the weekend (including a luxurious hotel stay...) and we'll be living it up in Shortland, watching, apparently, the Police Academy movies (that one's for you, Jess Walker!). At least there's Facebook and Twitter (and the good old fashioned telephone...).
See you next time,
xo Marissa

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Marissa at the movies...

marissa writes a blog on tuesday...

So lately I have been dying to go to the movies. It's one of my favourite things to do, and before baby Sophie was born, I would go every couple of weeks. Don't get me wrong, Sophie is way better than the movies, and I wouldn't trade her for anything :) I just miss the movie experience at the moment.

My love of going to the movies started back when I was a waitress in a restaurant next door to a movie theatre. I worked split shifts (11am - 3pm, 5pm - 11pm), so had a couple of hours to fill in between work hours on most days. Some of us would go to the movies on split shift days - after all, the 2 hrs from 3 - 5 was perfect timing. Ah, good times...

I like to think of myself as an Equal Opportunity movie goer. I'll see anything - action, comedy, drama, documentary.... It doesn't have to be good either. I'll see the movies with bad reviews as well - you know, the ones that only stay in the cinema for 2 weeks and only have one session running at 10.30am? Yep, I'll go to those too. Hey, someone has to.

I especially love going to the movies by myself. No offense to anyone who has seen a movie with me in the past, I have a great time going with other people as well, but I have a whole ritual going by myself that leaves me feeling content, peaceful and generally very happy. Here are the mandatory factors in my solo movie experience:

Go at a slow time: I never go by myself on Friday, Saturday or Tuesday night - these are the busiest ones. As comfortable as I am going alone, something just feels weird when you are the only solo movie goer on what appears to be date night! And there's always the risk that a) you'll run into someone you know who might think you've been stood up, or b) another solo movie goer will see you sitting by yourself and sit with you to keep you company and chat - which is a nice gesture but completely negates the whole going solo in the first place. Solo movies are great for when you need a bit of peace and quiet, or are having a bad day, or have bad hair and no make up on, or are just going to see a movie that you'll adore but no one else will. So I like to go in the day, on a weekday - much smaller crowds, and if I'm really lucky, the whole cinema is empty and I feel like I have booked out the whole place for myself - perfect...

Have the same snack food as always: For me, it's Maltesars and Diet Coke (yes, diet coke, because it's a big packet of Maltesars, and I always manage to eat the whole packet, and the diet coke makes me feel like I am at least making a healthy compromise...). No matter how tempted I am , I won't stray from these choices - a few years ago I had a terrible experience where I thought my snacks were past their use by date and inedible because they tasted funny - but then I realised it was that I had gone with white chocolate Maltesars and lemonade instead of my usual combination! The stress ruined the whole experience....

Get there early: So you can pick where you will sit - and make sure you have an empty seat on either side to help facilitate the solo experience. Even better -

Book your ticket online: then you'll definitely have whatever seat you like. By the way, I am one of those people who absolutely has to sit in their chosen or assigned seat - doesn't matter how empty the cinema is. I get too stressed out if I deviate from the assigned seat - what if the person who is meant to be sitting there comes up and gets cranky at me for sitting in their seat? Then I would have to move - and if someone is sitting in my chair (ooh, I sound like one of the Goldilocks bears), then I have to either make them move, or risk sitting somewhere else, hoping another person doesn't make me move again! So I always sit in my seat. And if someone has taken it - I make them move... well, I tell on them to the teenage movie usher and make him move them for me - what? I don't like confrontation on my solo movie experiences :)

Try to remember that even though you are solo, there may still be other people in the cinema with you: Once I got in trouble from the old(er) man next to me for eating my twisties too loud - the packet was rustling too much. He actually leaned over and said "Do you have to do that ALL THE TIME!" Another reason why I switched to Maltesars.... This one also applies to mobile phone use. Once I was at the movies and a girl (who was also solo) answered her phone during the movie and had a whole conversation ("Hello? Yep, I'm at the movies... No, No, it's ok, I can talk....")?!?

So although it seems like a lot to remember, following these simple steps will generally mean a positive movie experience every time. Which is all I ask for...

PS If you know of any movies coming out soon that you think I should see, let me know!

See you next time,

xo Marissa.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Update: The great 'lose baby weight' challenge!

marissa writes a blog on monday...

So Monday is weight loss update night - Here's how I went this week:

Apples: This week I was focusing on creating a bit of a routine - the first step was to have an apple for morning tea each morning. Happy to report that most mornings I did have an apple! Have to add that one morning I had cake as well, and a couple of mornings I totally forgot and had to have the apple later on in the day, but all in all it went pretty well.

Hurdle this week: Sophie's naming day meant lots of sweet treats, take away dinner and a couple of glasses of wine. I'm in two minds about this - a) it was great, I really like take away and I have a sweet tooth! Plus wine and I do get along great together. b) I felt a bit guilty, but I am going to keep focusing on the fact that this isn't a diet, it's a gradual move to better lifestyle habits. Oh, and c) I'm pretty sure that the sugar helped with my energy levels, the takeaway did include chips (so potato - which is a vegetable), and wine is made from grapes (so fruit!)

My focus this week: I'll be trying an idea from one of my favourite blogs - Sunny Mummy . The idea? I'll be drinking more water. My routine factor is to start each day with a mug of hot water with a bit of lemon juice, and I'll aim for the 8 gls minimum per day. Wish me luck!

By the way: No one likes to do this stuff alone, so if you are doing something similar or would like to join me and chat about how we are going with it, please let me know via blog comment, Facebook msg, twitter msg, or even the old fashioned way - in person if you see me :)

See you next time,

xo Marissa

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sophie's naming day!

marissa writes a blog on sunday...

So tonight is a bit of a sentimental blog... today was Sophie's naming day.

What a fantastic day! We had our extended family and some of our close friends over to celebrate with us and it was just lovely :)

The ceremony was just beautiful! We had Melodie Johnston (of Melodie's Magic Moments ) do the ceremony for us and it was perfect - everything was exactly how we pictured it!

Sophie was so good - happy, smiley, and looked gorgeous in her naming day outfit! I'll be posting some pics on my personal Facebook page tomorrow for you to take a look at, she's so pretty...

The only worries leading up to the day (luckily they worked out!) for me were:

How Sophie would go: With 60 people and a very busy day, we were hoping it would go smoothly for her. But Sophie's a dream baby, and it turns out we had nothing to worry about! The party was an afternoon one, so Sophie woke up from her lunchtime nap, had the ceremony with us and then went back down for another nap after photos and a bottle. Perfect!

The weather: The forecast was cold and showers.... and it was cold, but only a light shower at party time - and it was at the start of the ceremony, which was under cover, so perfect timing! Everyone was able to fit under the sheltered area and the result was a very cosy ceremony. Plus we had wine, beer and coffee to keep us all warm...

And that was it! Everything else was a breeze - our friends and family are lovely, they helped us with setting up, packing up, keeping Sophie amused, taking photos, and a few even stayed for the football afterwards :)

I have to give a huge thanks to our families, Sophie's Godparents, our friends, and especially to Ben (and Soph!) for making it such a happy occasion :) It's days like these that you realise how lucky are...

See you next time,

xo Marissa.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Marissa at the butcher

marissa writes a blog on saturday....

So today I went to a butcher to pick up some meat for a bbq. Yep, a real butcher, not just the meat section of the supermarket. I haven't done that in years! It has always seemed easier to just buy meat while I am doing the grocery shopping, and while I will probably still buy meat at the supermarket weekly, every now and then I will still visit my local butcher as well. Especially considering the great service they gave me today :)

You see, I don't think I am the ideal customer when it comes to ordering meat. The prices are all done by weight, not by item. You know, like 'sausages: $9 a kilo'... well, I like to order '6 sausages' instead. Normally I think it would go quite smoothly, but today I was on a budget, so it made it a bit more unusual...

I had $10 to spend, and I wanted to get a) some sausages b) a little something else to give to my friends hosting the bbq - like some 'thanks for having us over' meat...normally I would make another stop and get a bottle of wine or chocolates instead but I had baby Sophie with me and it was raining and we were running late, so I am hoping my friends still liked the 'meaty' gift :)

Anyway, when it was my turn at the butcher's counter I didn't know how much my $10 would get me, so I asked a couple of questions. Here is where Ben says it went a little crazy...

Marissa: "What can I get for $10?"

Butcher: "Uh... pretty much anything, it just depends how much of it you want."

Marissa: "How many sausages could I get for $10?"

Butcher: "A bit over a kilo."

Marissa: "How many sausages are there in a kilo?"

Butcher: "Well, it depends on how big they are..."

Marissa: "How about 6? Could I get 6 sausages with $10?"

Butcher: "Yep, you could get more than six sausages."

Marissa: "But what if I only want 6? Is that allowed?"

Butcher: "Allowed?"

Marissa: "Yeah - is there a minimum sausage amount?"

(At this point I think the butcher started looking around for a hidden camera)

Then I realised what the problem was. I was approaching it like I used to with my corner store when I was a kid - you know, when you could say "How many eucalyptus lollies can I get for 40 cents?"....

The butcher was great and very patient, but I think he felt a bit sorry for me seeing I clearly didn't understand the standard meat ordering practices. I think the other 5 men in the shop may have felt the same way. But to their credit, they all waited patiently and politely while I eventually got my order. So I'll definitely be going back!

By the way, I could get 6 sausages and 2 crumbed pieces of lamb and had a bit left over... just in case you were wondering :)

See you next time...

xo Marissa.

Friday, October 2, 2009

sleepy blogging...

marissa writes a blog on friday...

So just a quick blog toight as it's 11.24 and I can't wait to go to bed. My bed is so comfy, it's the best bed ever. It beats all the other beds, it's that good - but that's another blog post for another night... tonight's blog is about my addiction to blogging.

You know you're addicted to something when it's 11.30 at night and you still want (no, need) to do it. Even though I don't know how many people read my blog, I still don't want to skip a night because it's become a part of me - it's my stories, my take on things, etc and I feel like I'm having a real conversation with all of you online (although the conversation is a bit quiet on your end usually.... go on, leave me a comment! A nice one hopefully...)

So tonight I am writing this blog even though my eyes are doing that thing where you think your eyes are open... until you open them and realise they were actually shut. There are a couple of risks involved with sleepy blogging though. Here are a couple of things I have had to be careful of tonight:

Making speling erors: Because I am only presing keys once even if the leter is meant to be doubled (hey, it saves time. Besides, it felt like I presed it!

Accidently hitting the caps lock KEY IN THE MIDDLE OF A SENTENCE: And being too tired to go back and change it

Typing letters in the worng odrer: it's like my fingers have slowed down but my brain is still going fast, so they aren't quite matching up with each other...

Thinking things I am writing are funny when they may not be: When you are tired, things just seem to be funnier. I am worried that is happening to me tonight and you'll think tonight's blog is rubbish. Although I do have a funny joke to share with you. 'Two cannibals were eating a clown when one turned to the other and said "does this taste funny to you?"

Ok, that's it from me tongiht as I just caught myself with me eyes closed again... and I just saw how I spelt the word 'tonight' at the start of this sentence!

Goodnight everyone.

See you next time,

xo Marissa.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

my decluttering nightmare...

marissa writes a blog on thursday...

So this week I thought I would do some decluttering around the house. I thought it would be a great way to get rid of some junk and create extra room for storage - especially seeing I have started my Christmas shopping and need somewhere to store / hide the presents I have bought so far (sorry Ben, not your presents!).

Now, I don't know about you guys, but in my house, we have what I like to call a 'hot spot' - that is, a place where you tend to put things 'just until I get a chance to put it away properly'. Ok, I'll be honest - I have 2 hotspots. The first one is the top of our freezer - I put keys, letters, catalogues, fruit (don't worry, it's in a fruit bowl), pens, magnets, invitations, etc on here. The second is our spare bedroom. In this room I basically put everything that won't fit on top of the freezer.

So I thought to myself, if I can declutter our house a bit, I would have room to store not only the Christmas presents, but our 'hot spot' items as well! I can start in our spare room by decluttering the wardrobes and then I'll have plenty of storage space when I am done! Great idea Marissa. Great idea.... not so great once I started the decluttering. Here are some of the problems I encountered...

I made the room even messier: Decluttering to me means pulling things out of the wardrobe in the spare room and putting those things on the bed in the spare room. Then I go through those things and put them into piles. Then I go through and divide each pile into different categories. For example - take the pile of shoes and divide them into colours (black shoes, red shoes, brown shoes). Then take the black shoe pile and divide that into heels and flats. Then take the heels pile and divide that into 'still in fashion' and 'not in fashion anymore'. Then, after 3 days of leaving piles of shoes on the bed, I take all the shoes and put them back in the wardrobe (well, I can't throw any away - what if they come back into fashion??)

I ran out of time to declutter because I kept reminiscing over things I found: "Oh, here are a box of cds I had when I lived out of home (proceed to spend an hour looking at the back of the cd cases and remember good times from when I listened to them. After the hour is up, I open a few cd cases and realise the actual cds are not in them - must have tried to declutter these a few years ago but didn't actually throw the cases away. And I still don't know where the cds are...)! Oh, here are some Christmas lights I forgot I had (better stop and test them, make sure they are still working... half an hour later....)! Oh, here is the box my engagement ring came in (yes, I kept the box. I do not keep the ring in the box, but I still kept the box - weird, I know)!"

I got bored with decluttering: It's more fun watching a decluttering special on Oprah than it is to do it in real life. On Oprah, it only takes 1 hr total, you get your own declutter expert to help (or do it for you), and they fast forward the boring bits like a Benny Hill episode so it's way more fun to watch. Plus, you get to meet Oprah. If I got to meet Oprah at the end of it, I would probably put more effort into my decluttering. Or at least I should be able to look under my chair and find a present like on Oprah's 'favourite things' shows - that would make decluttering much more worth the effort. Wait, no whatever I find under my chair would probably end up being clutter...

So I have almost given up on the decluttering this week. Don't tell Ben, but I think I might just push all the clutter under the bed and pretend it never happened - he'll never know :)

See you next time,

xo Marissa.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Christmas already?!?

marissa writes a blog on wednesday...

So I went shopping today and noticed there were Christmas decorations in the shops. Now, I know what you're thinking... tonight's blog will be about how I think September's too early for Christmas decorations.... nope, sorry - I love it!

I love Christmas. I love that I get to see my whole family, I love that people in general are nicer to each other at Christmas time, I love giving (and receiving!) presents, I think Christmas trees and lights are beautiful, I would sing Christmas carols all year if people wouldn't think I was crazy, and I am very excited that this year is Sophie's first Christmas - even if she doesn't understand it, I will be loving it for her!

My only problem with Christmas is that I can't seem to keep up with it! Every year it seems to creep up on me, then zoom past, and before I know it the boxing day sales are on - and I haven't sent any Christmas cards to people again.

I've been trying to get on top of sending Christmas cards for the past 3 years now - with no luck. I start every year with a list of who I will send cards to. Then I write out the cards. Then I put them aside until I buy some stamps. Then I forget to buy stamps, and realise it's January. Awkward.

And I should mention the slight disagreement Ben and I are having on our Christmas decorating at home. I think we should put our Christmas decorations up when the shops put them up (so... now). Ben thinks we should put them up.... at Christmas time. I know! Crazy. You barely have enough time to enjoy them that way! But don't worry, after a few... discussions, we have reached a compromise - we'll decorate on the first of December. I did win though on the 'how long can we keep them up' discussion - they stay until January 8 (my Dad's Christmas is January 7)!

But hey, if that stuff is the worst of my Christmas problems, I'm lucky. And I swear, I'll be sending out cards in time this year - in fact, I bought some today, so I have started off well.... so far so good!

So for all you other Christmas lovers out there, this blog's for you. Merry (3 months early) Christmas!

See you next time,

xo Marissa.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Things that are great in the long run, but annoying at the time...

marissa writes a blog on tuesday....

So I was trying to fold our fitted bed sheets yesterday - they bug me. So hard to fold! But so easy to make the bed once they are on :) So in honour of this, tonight's blog is a simple one - here is my list of 'Things that are great in the long run, but annoying at the time':

  1. Fitted sheets: a real pain to fold and iron, but so handy when making the bed

  2. 5 cent pieces: take up too much room in my wallet, but boy do I love it when I realise I have enough for a snickers

  3. Liquid eyeliner: great product - once I finally draw the line straight (after 4 attempts)

  4. Braces: The teeth kind. It just seems like everyone notices when you have braces, but when you finally get them off and wait for the compliments to roll in - no one notices that you 've had them taken off!

  5. Recycle bins: all that extra effort, but I suppose the environment is worth it

  6. Leave in conditioner: it's so cold to spray it on in winter, but makes my hair look way better

  7. 'Green' shopping bags: again with the environmental benefits, but let's face it, it's a struggle to remember to take them to the supermarket, so I end up buying 2 new ones every shopping trip

  8. Exercise: doesn't need any explanation

  9. Carl from the today show: didn't like him at first, but he grows on you - I like how he laughs at his own jokes

  10. Flu shots: they hurt, but if you go to the right doctor, they give you a lolly to make up for it. Plus, it helps you avoid the flu.

I'll be honest with you - when I started this list I thought fitted sheets would be the only entry. I'm a bit shocked I was able to come up with 10!

Do you have any others? Leave a comment and let me know what you think is great in the long run but annoying at the time :)

See you next time...

xo Marissa

Monday, September 28, 2009

Update: The great 'lose baby weight' challenge!

marissa writes a blog on monday...

So, it's time for an update on the great 'lose baby weight' challenge. You may remember from my previous challenge post that I was going to try to change my habits, rather than go on a diet.

(So yes Ben, we can still have dessert tonight! Just a smaller portion for me thanks...)

Here is how I went this week...

Last week's habit - Portion control: hasn't gone too bad, but I would be lying if I said I never slipped up. Have you ever done that thing where you are snacking (chips, pretzels, etc) and you lose track of how much you have? Then you look down and the packet is empty! I double checked my chip packet for holes in the bottom, thinking maybe the chips just fell out... but no, apparently I ate them!

On the bright side though, I have gotten better at serving myself smaller portions of meals, for example I switched to 1 slice of toast most mornings instead of two - and didn't miss the 2nd slice. I also served up less dinner and cut out second helpings altogether, so far so good with this one!

This week's habit - routine: I love a good routine (just ask my daughter). Routines make my days go smoother, I am less stressed and I seem to have more time to relax while still getting all my other stuff done. So this week I thought, why not apply this on my weight loss challenge?

My routine focuses on one of my trickiest times of the day... Morning Tea. I love biscuits dunked in a cup of tea, but my problem is that they disappear too fast and I still feel hungry. So for this week I am changing to a new routine - I will be a person that has an apple for morning tea every day (unless I don't feel hungry - unlikely...). Yep, I'm keeping it that simple - fake it till you make it :) If I want biscuits instead of an apple? Tough - I am now a person who eats apples for morning tea - no room for biscuits!

Now remember, I don't like to diet. If I really, really feel like a biscuit, I can always have one later that day if I'm hungry - but only if I am hungry and that's what I really feel like... let's see how I go!

Apart from that, here's how my week has been re the weight loss challenge:

Baking: I am obsessed with baking right now. I know, weird. Especially as there are only 2 of us in my house that can eat anything I bake. So I have been sending Ben to work with baked goods (this morning it was cupcakes). Hope his work mates don't mind :) Better than me eating them 'so they don't go to waste'!

My clothes: Ok, I know one week won't make a difference to how my clothes fit, but I think deep down I was hoping for a miracle :) I'll keep trying my pre-pregnancy clothes on each week and hope for the best, but for now, no change..

Ice Cream: You may have seen my ice cream mention in my first challenge post. Well - I have only had ice cream once this week! Seems after talking about it last week, I got it out of my system (the craving, not the ice cream)! Although I did have some tonight - but a smaller portion!

My updates: I was going to do daily updates on twitter about how I am going with the challenge. It was harder than I thought, most days I forgot to do it - but I'll try again this week (I'll make up a little song about it to help me remember!). Feel free to follow me on twitter if you would like to see how I am going everyday - my twitter link is on this page.

I'll also do another blog update next Monday - in the meantime, if you have any suggestions on what I can try as my habit change next week, please leave a comment and let me know :)

See you next time,

xo Marissa.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

my interesting manicure experience...

marissa writes a blog on sunday...

So last week I went and had my nails done. Manicure and pedicure. I love getting my nails done :)

Sorry guys (or gals that are not fond of manicures)... this post's a girly one!

I don't get anything fancy, just a regular manicure with a bit of colour (usually pink) and a matching pedicure. You would think nothing could go wrong here, right?

Well, it started off really well - I went with my sister Mel, it was a great opportunity for us to catch up on each other's latest news. We didn't have an appointment, but they could fit us in anyway. So far so good!

The first thing we did was pick our colours. I love this part because the salon uses OPI polish and OPI has the cutest names for every colour. I think the one I went with was 'Dusk over Cairo'... sounds like a movie :) It was a very pretty pink, not too light, not too dark, perfect!

So we picked our colours, sat down in those cool massage chairs and waited to have our pedicures. Here's where things started to go a little off plan....

If you have ever had a pedicure where they have the massage chairs, you'll know that the chairs have a basin at the bottom for you to put your feet into. These sinks have taps and a shower head and they fill up the basin while you sit in the chair.

Clearly, I should have been paying more attention to my shower head, but I thought the nail lady had it covered, so I was just sitting there, chatting away to my sister. Imagine my shock when the shower head fell and twisted around, sending a fountain of water into the air!

Now, if I had good reflexes, I would have quickly lent down and flipped the shower head back over so the water simply went down into the basin again. But no. I was more worried about avoiding the spray of water - so I just ducked.

Looking back, I now realise that I am not a good person to count on in an emergency. I thought I was, but no, it seems not. Thanks to my ducking, the water kept spraying over me, leaving me relatively dry, and proceeded to soak the person next to me... my sister.... :( It went everywhere. I think it even got 3 or 4 other ladies in the salon. Oh Dear. Awkward for everybody... sorry Mel!

Luckily, the rest of the mani-pedi went well, and I can happily say that we are still fans of manicures and pedicures (and we have gorgeous toes!). But why, why does this stuff happen to me?

It's not the only time. I still remember my short lived netball career in primary school. Let's just say, when I'm on the team, the team can't win. If you pass me the ball, I get too stressed out from the pressure. Did I catch it right? Was it meant to come to me or did I get in someone else's way? Have I taken a step while holding the ball? You can do it Marissa, just pass the ball to whoever calls your name - uh oh, that person was from the opposing team... and now they've scored a goal... when did they learn my name anyway?!?

Am I the only one? Have any of you been stuck in an awkward situation before?

See you next time,

xo Marissa.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Why it's important to have a good memory...

marissa writes a blog on saturday...

So, I can't remember what I was going to write about tonight... hmm, awkward.

Let's see if I can get away with posting my favourite "How to improve your memory" tips from over the years...

the piece of string trick: Sounds relatively simple - you tie a piece of string around your finger to remind you not to forget the thing you are trying to remember. Works great - except that I can't remember what it is that i am meant to be remembering, I only remember that I am meant to remember something. (Just a side note - have you noticed how after you use the word remember so many times, it doesn't seem like a real word anymore? ......Remember.) That's the last time I take memory tip advice from Bert and Ernie.

Write it down on a piece of paper: Great! Done. Now where did I put that piece of paper?

Say as much as you can remember out loud in the hope that the rest will just come out at the end of your sentence: For example, "I was going into the kitchen to...." (turns out I was going into the kitchen to look for my piece of paper).

"Just have a good memory.": Thanks Ben, that helped a lot :)

Make a little song out of it: "I'm go-ing to the kit-chen (clap, clap, clap, clap, clap)... "To find my piece of pa-per....." (clap, clap, clap, clap, clap)...."I wo-nder where I put - it" (clap, clap, clap, clap, clap)..... "I might look for it la-ter" (clap, clap, clap, clap, clap). (Have you noticed how after you use the word 'clap' so many times, it doesn't seem like a real word anymore....)

Well, not sure these have helped my memory... but they did give me something to blog about!

See - ee you next - time (clap, clap, clap, clap, clap),

xo Marissa.

Friday, September 25, 2009


marissa writes a blog on friday....

So Friday night in our house means Friday night football. Hmm.... what can I say about football?

I have to be honest, I have never really understood the game. I have made efforts to watch it in the past, but I can't fake an attraction to it. I am proud of all my friends that love football and I admire their passion for it, but for me, the magics just not there...

I have, however, made a happy compromise in our household. Friday night is football night, every time. Ben is husband of the year, so the right to the remote on the weekend is his :) My compromise - I get the laptop. I'm still in the lounge room, thus available for comment on the game, replay watching, and conversation during ad breaks / half time, but I retain my freedom as far as my own entertainment is concerned.

Having control of the laptop opens up a whole new world for me at football time. I can multi task to my heart's content - go on facebook / twitter, put together my ultimate online shopping wish list (and save it to favourites for when Ben is looking for birthday / xmas present ideas), watch online tv, play games, update photos... so many possibilities!

Now, football fans: Before you freak out and ditch reading this blog altogether, hear me out - there are a number of reasons why football and I are just not meant to be together. However, if the NRL is interested in taking on a few of my suggestions to improve the game, I think I could become more of a fan.

Here are some of my ideas:

  • Play the half time entertainment on tv.

  • Have cute, girl - friendly ads on those side banners on the field, not boring ones like beer and telstra and toyota (note: have nothing against telstra and toyota - or beer, but the signs are a bit boring, that's all I'm saying...).

  • Give an option to select a different style of commentating for the game - like a comedy style, rap version, cool voices like Elvis doing the commentary. Maybe have a button on the remote to select this - I understand improvements in technology need to be made in order for this to be possible, but I think it's well worth it.

  • If the referees are going to wear pink shirts (and I have no problem with them supporting their cause), they should have matching shoes. Better yet, make a rule that all football player shoes must go with their outfits (sorry, uniforms).

  • Make doing a funny dance after you score a try mandatory, not optional. Even better, have every player come up with a 'signature' move that they do for every try they get themselves, and when they do it, their whole team does their dance move with them.

Not an unreasonable list, I feel... although I do understand if you are not all in agreement with me tonight. But keep in mind, me not liking football doesn't have to be a deal breaker between us. We should embrace each others' differences, not force our interests on each other. It's about finding that compromise that leaves all of us happy.

Which is why, although I love romantic comedies, celebrity gossip and maltesers, I will understand if you don't feel the same way. More maltesers for me then anyway :)

See you next time,

xo Marissa.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dramas with the washing...

marissa writes a blog on thursday....

So I have had the worst week this week when it comes to the washing! So many dramas that I have all but decided to give up washing clothes and just start wearing things twice, then buy new ones (Why twice you ask? Well, you can wear them once normally, then once inside out.... what, doesn't everyone do that?). Kidding!

Seriously though, while the laundry isn't my favourite household task at any time, there is something going on this week with my washing, I swear. Here are a few of the dramas:

Extra stained clothes: Well, I now know that sweet chili, chocolate and some sort of weird pine residue (Ben's shirt, not mine...I'm not very outdoorsy...) are all likely to cause stains. Not normal stains, but very, very, very stubborn ones. I have tried 2 different stain removers, with no luck.

Speaking of stain removers: I don't want to sound like a crabby old washing lady (well, anymore than I have already...), but my local supermarket has changed their stain remover....and I'm not happy. I loved the old one - in fact, I adored the old one. It was one of those ones where you didn't have to determine what type of stain it was and then treat accordingly, you could just spray the stain, wash the clothes, and by the time you hung them out, it was like the stain was just a bad dream! In fact, I rarely even had to to aim very well at the stain, I just sprayed the stain remover vaguely in the direction of the shirt and it disappeared (the stain, not the shirt... that would be weird...)! And the old one was the cheapest one. And the bottle was prettier. So I'll be writing them a letter.

My 'magic' (bad magic) washing hamper: It's always full. Always. I have no explanation for this. Surely we don't wear that much? And baby Sophie's things are so tiny, how could they take up so much hamper space? An how do towels get so dirty so fast? Aren't we clean when we use them, having just got out of the shower and all?

My peg shortage: On the one hand, I love that baby Sophie's clothes are so small they only need 1 peg each to hang them. On the other hand, because I sort my washing and wait until I have a load of Sophie's clothes to wash together, all those tiny clothes add up and use up all the pegs anyway! I know, I could just get more pegs.... but I have the cutest peg basket and it only holds the amount I have now :)

Sheets and windy days: You know those days that are so windy your clothes seem to have a life of their own? I pegged them so neatly (and colour co-ordinated the pegs, I might add), so carefully, in the hope that I wouldn't have to iron them as much, and then went out for the day. I come home to sheets hanging half off the line, one on the ground, 2 all twisted up around the line I pegged them on, pegs had fallen off - it's a disaster! It's like the sheets had a wild party while I was away, and left me to clean up after them (again!)... and speaking of windy days - here is the big one....

The Dust Storm: Ooh, that dust storm. What a day. I woke up to a flaming red sky, dust flying around everywhere, and to tell the truth, I was excited! "Well," I said to Ben, "I guess that means no washing today!". It was like my birthday. Couldn't go out, couldn't do the housework, so Baby Sophie and I had to stay in and spend our day napping and playing (and I watched a movie!). Best day ever! Until this morning - when we realised that the Dust Storm got past our shed windows and filled our whole garage with dust. The garage that was holding an entire load of baby Sophie's washing. Washing that would have been completely dry by today. And don't even start me on the state of the washing line! We had to take a wet cloth out and clean each and every line (ok, ok, by 'we', I mean Ben. So I delegated - wouldn't you? Now I owe him!)

Aah... the end of my washing rant. That feels better. So spare a thought for me next time you see me wearing my clothes inside out :)

See you next time,

xo Marissa

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Embarrassing Moments...

marissa writes a blog on wednesday...

So I'm hoping I'm not the only one who has these - embarrassing moments. Moments when you say something the wrong way, or do something strange, or get stuck in a situation you would prefer not to be in!

I have accumulated a few myself over the years, some even date back to high school. I'm sure some of you already know a few of them...

Anyway, in case anyone out there can relate, I thought I would share mine with you today. Better you hear them from me and not anyone else. And to be completely honest, now that enough time has passed since they happened - I think they are kind of funny :)

Before I begin, let me clarify: I am a regular, smart, nice person (at least, I think so!). These are not things I do everyday. I'm not a silly person, I have just had a few awkward moments!
My most embarrassing moments, in no particular order, include the time I:
  1. Called my teacher 'Mum'

  2. Thought my car had been stolen from a car park... but I had actually just forgotten where I had parked

  3. Thought I had forgotten where I parked... but my car had actually been stolen

  4. Went to rent a Tom Cruise movie and asked the guy behind the counter if he could tell me where I could find 'A Few Good Men'

  5. Asked the lady at the post office how much 4 cent stamps cost (note: I was very young here... as far as I recall...)

  6. Was so deeply involved in my shopping that I bumped into a mirror.... and said sorry (before I realised I was talking to my reflection)

  7. Was talking on my mobile and bumped into a statue of a man reading a paper (those of you who have shopped at Charlestown Square will know the one)... and said sorry...

  8. Got caught pretending I had my own cooking show while cooking dinner (Ok, I still do this one all the time, just cause it's so much fun - no camera though, I just imagine there is one!)

So, what are some of your embarrassing moments?

See you next time,

xo Marissa


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