Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Christmas already?!?

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So I went shopping today and noticed there were Christmas decorations in the shops. Now, I know what you're thinking... tonight's blog will be about how I think September's too early for Christmas decorations.... nope, sorry - I love it!

I love Christmas. I love that I get to see my whole family, I love that people in general are nicer to each other at Christmas time, I love giving (and receiving!) presents, I think Christmas trees and lights are beautiful, I would sing Christmas carols all year if people wouldn't think I was crazy, and I am very excited that this year is Sophie's first Christmas - even if she doesn't understand it, I will be loving it for her!

My only problem with Christmas is that I can't seem to keep up with it! Every year it seems to creep up on me, then zoom past, and before I know it the boxing day sales are on - and I haven't sent any Christmas cards to people again.

I've been trying to get on top of sending Christmas cards for the past 3 years now - with no luck. I start every year with a list of who I will send cards to. Then I write out the cards. Then I put them aside until I buy some stamps. Then I forget to buy stamps, and realise it's January. Awkward.

And I should mention the slight disagreement Ben and I are having on our Christmas decorating at home. I think we should put our Christmas decorations up when the shops put them up (so... now). Ben thinks we should put them up.... at Christmas time. I know! Crazy. You barely have enough time to enjoy them that way! But don't worry, after a few... discussions, we have reached a compromise - we'll decorate on the first of December. I did win though on the 'how long can we keep them up' discussion - they stay until January 8 (my Dad's Christmas is January 7)!

But hey, if that stuff is the worst of my Christmas problems, I'm lucky. And I swear, I'll be sending out cards in time this year - in fact, I bought some today, so I have started off well.... so far so good!

So for all you other Christmas lovers out there, this blog's for you. Merry (3 months early) Christmas!

See you next time,

xo Marissa.

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