Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dramas with the washing...

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So I have had the worst week this week when it comes to the washing! So many dramas that I have all but decided to give up washing clothes and just start wearing things twice, then buy new ones (Why twice you ask? Well, you can wear them once normally, then once inside out.... what, doesn't everyone do that?). Kidding!

Seriously though, while the laundry isn't my favourite household task at any time, there is something going on this week with my washing, I swear. Here are a few of the dramas:

Extra stained clothes: Well, I now know that sweet chili, chocolate and some sort of weird pine residue (Ben's shirt, not mine...I'm not very outdoorsy...) are all likely to cause stains. Not normal stains, but very, very, very stubborn ones. I have tried 2 different stain removers, with no luck.

Speaking of stain removers: I don't want to sound like a crabby old washing lady (well, anymore than I have already...), but my local supermarket has changed their stain remover....and I'm not happy. I loved the old one - in fact, I adored the old one. It was one of those ones where you didn't have to determine what type of stain it was and then treat accordingly, you could just spray the stain, wash the clothes, and by the time you hung them out, it was like the stain was just a bad dream! In fact, I rarely even had to to aim very well at the stain, I just sprayed the stain remover vaguely in the direction of the shirt and it disappeared (the stain, not the shirt... that would be weird...)! And the old one was the cheapest one. And the bottle was prettier. So I'll be writing them a letter.

My 'magic' (bad magic) washing hamper: It's always full. Always. I have no explanation for this. Surely we don't wear that much? And baby Sophie's things are so tiny, how could they take up so much hamper space? An how do towels get so dirty so fast? Aren't we clean when we use them, having just got out of the shower and all?

My peg shortage: On the one hand, I love that baby Sophie's clothes are so small they only need 1 peg each to hang them. On the other hand, because I sort my washing and wait until I have a load of Sophie's clothes to wash together, all those tiny clothes add up and use up all the pegs anyway! I know, I could just get more pegs.... but I have the cutest peg basket and it only holds the amount I have now :)

Sheets and windy days: You know those days that are so windy your clothes seem to have a life of their own? I pegged them so neatly (and colour co-ordinated the pegs, I might add), so carefully, in the hope that I wouldn't have to iron them as much, and then went out for the day. I come home to sheets hanging half off the line, one on the ground, 2 all twisted up around the line I pegged them on, pegs had fallen off - it's a disaster! It's like the sheets had a wild party while I was away, and left me to clean up after them (again!)... and speaking of windy days - here is the big one....

The Dust Storm: Ooh, that dust storm. What a day. I woke up to a flaming red sky, dust flying around everywhere, and to tell the truth, I was excited! "Well," I said to Ben, "I guess that means no washing today!". It was like my birthday. Couldn't go out, couldn't do the housework, so Baby Sophie and I had to stay in and spend our day napping and playing (and I watched a movie!). Best day ever! Until this morning - when we realised that the Dust Storm got past our shed windows and filled our whole garage with dust. The garage that was holding an entire load of baby Sophie's washing. Washing that would have been completely dry by today. And don't even start me on the state of the washing line! We had to take a wet cloth out and clean each and every line (ok, ok, by 'we', I mean Ben. So I delegated - wouldn't you? Now I owe him!)

Aah... the end of my washing rant. That feels better. So spare a thought for me next time you see me wearing my clothes inside out :)

See you next time,

xo Marissa

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