Friday, September 25, 2009


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So Friday night in our house means Friday night football. Hmm.... what can I say about football?

I have to be honest, I have never really understood the game. I have made efforts to watch it in the past, but I can't fake an attraction to it. I am proud of all my friends that love football and I admire their passion for it, but for me, the magics just not there...

I have, however, made a happy compromise in our household. Friday night is football night, every time. Ben is husband of the year, so the right to the remote on the weekend is his :) My compromise - I get the laptop. I'm still in the lounge room, thus available for comment on the game, replay watching, and conversation during ad breaks / half time, but I retain my freedom as far as my own entertainment is concerned.

Having control of the laptop opens up a whole new world for me at football time. I can multi task to my heart's content - go on facebook / twitter, put together my ultimate online shopping wish list (and save it to favourites for when Ben is looking for birthday / xmas present ideas), watch online tv, play games, update photos... so many possibilities!

Now, football fans: Before you freak out and ditch reading this blog altogether, hear me out - there are a number of reasons why football and I are just not meant to be together. However, if the NRL is interested in taking on a few of my suggestions to improve the game, I think I could become more of a fan.

Here are some of my ideas:

  • Play the half time entertainment on tv.

  • Have cute, girl - friendly ads on those side banners on the field, not boring ones like beer and telstra and toyota (note: have nothing against telstra and toyota - or beer, but the signs are a bit boring, that's all I'm saying...).

  • Give an option to select a different style of commentating for the game - like a comedy style, rap version, cool voices like Elvis doing the commentary. Maybe have a button on the remote to select this - I understand improvements in technology need to be made in order for this to be possible, but I think it's well worth it.

  • If the referees are going to wear pink shirts (and I have no problem with them supporting their cause), they should have matching shoes. Better yet, make a rule that all football player shoes must go with their outfits (sorry, uniforms).

  • Make doing a funny dance after you score a try mandatory, not optional. Even better, have every player come up with a 'signature' move that they do for every try they get themselves, and when they do it, their whole team does their dance move with them.

Not an unreasonable list, I feel... although I do understand if you are not all in agreement with me tonight. But keep in mind, me not liking football doesn't have to be a deal breaker between us. We should embrace each others' differences, not force our interests on each other. It's about finding that compromise that leaves all of us happy.

Which is why, although I love romantic comedies, celebrity gossip and maltesers, I will understand if you don't feel the same way. More maltesers for me then anyway :)

See you next time,

xo Marissa.

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