Saturday, September 19, 2009

The great "lose baby weight" challenge!

marissa writes a blog on saturday...

So, 2 days ago I decided to lose the weight I gained while I was pregnant with baby Sophie. She's 3 months old now, so it's time. Can't stay in my maternity clothes forever, especially now that TWO people have asked me when I am having my baby! Can't blame them, I would have asked me that too :)

Although, I will miss my maternity jeans... I am seriously considering keeping them as my 'buffet' jeans - you know, for when you go out for an 'all you can eat' meal and need more clothes room.... don't give me that look, you know I'm not the only one who does that :)

Anyway, I am getting off topic....

Now I, like many others, have tried weight loss before, on a number of diets, with varied success.

But, to be perfectly honest with you, I don't like to diet. As soon as I decide a type of food is forbidden, it's all I can think about. Take ice cream. 3 weeks ago I was talking to my husband about giving up junk food, and he happened to mention 'why not give up ice cream?'. Before this conversation I ate ice cream maybe once a week. After the conversation, I wanted ice cream every night. I became ice cream obsessed (and ice magic topping obsessed!). Right now, I am typing this blog, thinking about ice cream.... and I only had ice cream an hour ago.... I know, I know - obsessed!

So back to my point, I don't like to diet. It just leaves me craving the exact foods I am trying to cut out. So I'm trying something a bit different this time. I'm going to use very obvious forms of motivation, and I'm going to start looking at my habits and work on changing them for the long run, even if it means starting with baby steps!

Motivation: Facebook, Twitter and this Blog. I had Ben take 2 'before' pictures of me and have posted them on all of the above. A big thanks to my Facebook friends who gave me some very encouraging comments on the photos and my getting into shape plan :) Now I have to follow through - the whole world knows about it!

Habit changing: I'll start with one habit at a time. Habit #1 is portion size - smaller servings, no second helpings, no finishing what's on my plate if I'm not hungry anymore. I started this one tonight, by only getting a small chips with my burger instead of a large (I told you I was starting with baby steps!), and it went well, I didn't miss the extra chips!

So wish me luck, I'll let you know how I go. I am aiming for daily updates on Twitter, regular updates on Facebook, and occasional updates on this blog.

See you next time...

xo Marissa.


  1. Marissa, I love your honesty and your REAL-NESS! Hilarious with the small chips decision! Good on you for having the guts to make your goal public and post a 'before' photo too, you still look gorgeous and women need to see more of this...this is how women SHOULD look after giving birth just 12 weeks ago :) Sending lots of healthy vibes your way and enjoy your ice-magic...I LOVE THAT STUFF TOO! Stace x



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