Friday, September 18, 2009

marissa writes a blog

Here's a bit of background to start with in case you don't know me very well yet...

I am a normal young(ish) lady, a working (well, usually) wife and mother with a great, big family and good friends. I enjoy my family, my job and my life... and I have one of those personalities where everything has a bright side (and if not, I look for one)!

I can't lie, I like to talk... a lot. So this is me doing the same thing on paper (except it's not actually paper... well you get the idea). After all, I am addicted to Facebook and Twitter, and always have much more to say than will fit in those little boxes!

So my posts will be about my everyday life, and my perspective on it. Let me know what you think - but keep it nice, please... it's my blog, and I like things nice :)

P.S. Still learning as I go, so if the blog looks funny, words are missing, or you get the feeling I am technologically challenged, you are right. But stay with me, I'll get better at it!

1 comment:

  1. Hey Marissa...
    Great work on the blog... It can become addictive and its a great outlet...
    Cant wait to read more!!!!



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