Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Things that are great in the long run, but annoying at the time...

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So I was trying to fold our fitted bed sheets yesterday - they bug me. So hard to fold! But so easy to make the bed once they are on :) So in honour of this, tonight's blog is a simple one - here is my list of 'Things that are great in the long run, but annoying at the time':

  1. Fitted sheets: a real pain to fold and iron, but so handy when making the bed

  2. 5 cent pieces: take up too much room in my wallet, but boy do I love it when I realise I have enough for a snickers

  3. Liquid eyeliner: great product - once I finally draw the line straight (after 4 attempts)

  4. Braces: The teeth kind. It just seems like everyone notices when you have braces, but when you finally get them off and wait for the compliments to roll in - no one notices that you 've had them taken off!

  5. Recycle bins: all that extra effort, but I suppose the environment is worth it

  6. Leave in conditioner: it's so cold to spray it on in winter, but makes my hair look way better

  7. 'Green' shopping bags: again with the environmental benefits, but let's face it, it's a struggle to remember to take them to the supermarket, so I end up buying 2 new ones every shopping trip

  8. Exercise: doesn't need any explanation

  9. Carl from the today show: didn't like him at first, but he grows on you - I like how he laughs at his own jokes

  10. Flu shots: they hurt, but if you go to the right doctor, they give you a lolly to make up for it. Plus, it helps you avoid the flu.

I'll be honest with you - when I started this list I thought fitted sheets would be the only entry. I'm a bit shocked I was able to come up with 10!

Do you have any others? Leave a comment and let me know what you think is great in the long run but annoying at the time :)

See you next time...

xo Marissa

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  1. Glad Wrap... Its pure evil when you are trying to get it from the roll to your container, but awesome once you realise that tuppaware container lid that was lost last summer is no longer needed! :P Loving the blog Marissa!!! MJ!



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