Monday, September 28, 2009

Update: The great 'lose baby weight' challenge!

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So, it's time for an update on the great 'lose baby weight' challenge. You may remember from my previous challenge post that I was going to try to change my habits, rather than go on a diet.

(So yes Ben, we can still have dessert tonight! Just a smaller portion for me thanks...)

Here is how I went this week...

Last week's habit - Portion control: hasn't gone too bad, but I would be lying if I said I never slipped up. Have you ever done that thing where you are snacking (chips, pretzels, etc) and you lose track of how much you have? Then you look down and the packet is empty! I double checked my chip packet for holes in the bottom, thinking maybe the chips just fell out... but no, apparently I ate them!

On the bright side though, I have gotten better at serving myself smaller portions of meals, for example I switched to 1 slice of toast most mornings instead of two - and didn't miss the 2nd slice. I also served up less dinner and cut out second helpings altogether, so far so good with this one!

This week's habit - routine: I love a good routine (just ask my daughter). Routines make my days go smoother, I am less stressed and I seem to have more time to relax while still getting all my other stuff done. So this week I thought, why not apply this on my weight loss challenge?

My routine focuses on one of my trickiest times of the day... Morning Tea. I love biscuits dunked in a cup of tea, but my problem is that they disappear too fast and I still feel hungry. So for this week I am changing to a new routine - I will be a person that has an apple for morning tea every day (unless I don't feel hungry - unlikely...). Yep, I'm keeping it that simple - fake it till you make it :) If I want biscuits instead of an apple? Tough - I am now a person who eats apples for morning tea - no room for biscuits!

Now remember, I don't like to diet. If I really, really feel like a biscuit, I can always have one later that day if I'm hungry - but only if I am hungry and that's what I really feel like... let's see how I go!

Apart from that, here's how my week has been re the weight loss challenge:

Baking: I am obsessed with baking right now. I know, weird. Especially as there are only 2 of us in my house that can eat anything I bake. So I have been sending Ben to work with baked goods (this morning it was cupcakes). Hope his work mates don't mind :) Better than me eating them 'so they don't go to waste'!

My clothes: Ok, I know one week won't make a difference to how my clothes fit, but I think deep down I was hoping for a miracle :) I'll keep trying my pre-pregnancy clothes on each week and hope for the best, but for now, no change..

Ice Cream: You may have seen my ice cream mention in my first challenge post. Well - I have only had ice cream once this week! Seems after talking about it last week, I got it out of my system (the craving, not the ice cream)! Although I did have some tonight - but a smaller portion!

My updates: I was going to do daily updates on twitter about how I am going with the challenge. It was harder than I thought, most days I forgot to do it - but I'll try again this week (I'll make up a little song about it to help me remember!). Feel free to follow me on twitter if you would like to see how I am going everyday - my twitter link is on this page.

I'll also do another blog update next Monday - in the meantime, if you have any suggestions on what I can try as my habit change next week, please leave a comment and let me know :)

See you next time,

xo Marissa.

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  1. Hey Marissa, try having a mug of warm water with lemon juice as soon as you wake up, it kicks starts your metabolism and the lemon juice is like a natural mini detox in a mug, tastes funny at first but you get used to it! I think your doing great and going about it the right way...remember 9 mths baby weight on...9 mths baby weight off :)



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