Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ads I love (and ads I don't love...)

marissa writes a blog on thursday...

So tonight's blog is a simple one.... I'm listing my top 5 favourite and least favourite ads on tv.

I've been stuck in the house all day, and Sophie has been very sleepy today. Plus it's been really cold and windy, so it was a perfect day to stay comfy and watch tv. With tv comes ads, so I have seen quite a few of them today :) So that's my inspiration for tonight's blog - my top 5 favourite and least favourite (past and present) ads....

Here are my top 5's:

Top 5 favourite ads (in no particular order):
  • Pal dog food: The one where the dog goes into his kennel and then it sinks into the ground cause he hasn't been eating lite dog food :) I also like the one where the dog sits in the passenger seat and makes the car tilt on it's side!
  • Foxtel: The one where the couple is trying to decide where to put the second box and decide on the rumpus room, then the Foxtel guy asks where the bathroom is and the dad thinks he means put the Foxtel in the bathroom!
  • Pure Blonde beer: The one where the man finds the injured bird with the blue paint on it's head and nurses it back to health, then releases it, only to have it hit the pure blonde mural again (getting blue paint on it's head)
  • Greater Union Cinemas: The one with that guy who thinks he is famous and throws the phone at the hotel guy! And throws his car keys at the random guy at the corner shop, as if he is valet parking! Good times...
  • Carlton Draught: The one with the guys running into the field and all making that massive picture of the man drinking beer!

The 5 ads I don't like:

  • The red cross ad: Where there are no pictures, just words on the screen and a lady talking about giving blood
  • The Rivers ads: I just don't get any of them... ?!?
  • Eye Care Plus: The one with that lady on the train who 'can't see anything, really...'
  • Subway: The one where everyone dances in a line. I don't know why, but something bugs me about the last guy that does that weird dance down the subway sandwich counter line...
  • Any infomercials on morning tv shows: Except for the swivel sweeper (with super bright rubbish light!) and especially the ones for life insurance - any of them...

And a special mention to my 2 all time favourites:

  • 'Not happy Jan': The yellow pages ad
  • G..O..G..G..O... the goggomobile ad - can anyone tell me what this ad was for?

Anyway, hopefully now I have inspired you to give the ads a go now, rather than channel surfing during your favourite show's commercial breaks :)

See you next time,

xo Marissa.

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