Thursday, October 22, 2009

Marissa as a mother....

marissa writes a blog on thursday...

So today I took baby Sophie for her immunisation. She went pretty well with the needles, a bit of crying, but as soon as she had her morning bottle afterward she was back to her usual bright eyed, happy, smiley self :)

It did make her very sleepy for the rest of the day though. She slept really well for her lunchtime nap. In fact, she slept a little too well - I had to keep checking on her because I was paranoid something was wrong, she was just too quiet!

It has me wondering... I may be an obsessed mother now. Is it normal to do the following?

  • Put the volume of the baby monitor on as loud as possible: so I can hear her breathing - it's not enough that we have a video monitor (with night vision) so I can see her.

  • Only have showers when someone else is at home: once I have my head under water, all I can hear is a baby crying! Then I turn the shower off and... nothing. It was my imagination. Don't worry - I still shower everyday :)

  • Relate every conversation I have with people back to Sophie: "Oh, you just bought a new washing machine? That reminds me, the other day I was watching a commercial about washing machines with Sophie, and she laughed all the way through it - so funny. Oh that reminds me, Sophie has sooo much washing, I have to do 3 loads today. Oh, that reminds me, I need to go shopping for clothes for Sophie. Oh, that reminds me - I went shopping with Sophie the other day and she was so cute. Oh that reminds me......"

  • Get freaked out about germs: I know you should let your kids come into contact with some germs so you don't mess up their immune system (at least that's what everyone's telling me), but how much is too much? And how do I know which germs are acceptable and which ones aren't?

  • Have confusing standards: At the moment I have a cold and I'm paranoid about making Sophie sick (Well, I was paranoid - she has a runny nose now so I didn't do very well...). So I wash my hands every time I go to pick her up, to keep my germs away. But then I forget and give her 10 kisses right after I pick her up, which probably spreads the same amount of germs anyway. Mother of the year...

See what I mean? Obsessed. And that's just a few things - there's probably a hundred others I could tell you about - but then you would think I'm weird, so I'll just end the blog here tonight.

See you next time,

xo Marissa.

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