Saturday, October 3, 2009

Marissa at the butcher

marissa writes a blog on saturday....

So today I went to a butcher to pick up some meat for a bbq. Yep, a real butcher, not just the meat section of the supermarket. I haven't done that in years! It has always seemed easier to just buy meat while I am doing the grocery shopping, and while I will probably still buy meat at the supermarket weekly, every now and then I will still visit my local butcher as well. Especially considering the great service they gave me today :)

You see, I don't think I am the ideal customer when it comes to ordering meat. The prices are all done by weight, not by item. You know, like 'sausages: $9 a kilo'... well, I like to order '6 sausages' instead. Normally I think it would go quite smoothly, but today I was on a budget, so it made it a bit more unusual...

I had $10 to spend, and I wanted to get a) some sausages b) a little something else to give to my friends hosting the bbq - like some 'thanks for having us over' meat...normally I would make another stop and get a bottle of wine or chocolates instead but I had baby Sophie with me and it was raining and we were running late, so I am hoping my friends still liked the 'meaty' gift :)

Anyway, when it was my turn at the butcher's counter I didn't know how much my $10 would get me, so I asked a couple of questions. Here is where Ben says it went a little crazy...

Marissa: "What can I get for $10?"

Butcher: "Uh... pretty much anything, it just depends how much of it you want."

Marissa: "How many sausages could I get for $10?"

Butcher: "A bit over a kilo."

Marissa: "How many sausages are there in a kilo?"

Butcher: "Well, it depends on how big they are..."

Marissa: "How about 6? Could I get 6 sausages with $10?"

Butcher: "Yep, you could get more than six sausages."

Marissa: "But what if I only want 6? Is that allowed?"

Butcher: "Allowed?"

Marissa: "Yeah - is there a minimum sausage amount?"

(At this point I think the butcher started looking around for a hidden camera)

Then I realised what the problem was. I was approaching it like I used to with my corner store when I was a kid - you know, when you could say "How many eucalyptus lollies can I get for 40 cents?"....

The butcher was great and very patient, but I think he felt a bit sorry for me seeing I clearly didn't understand the standard meat ordering practices. I think the other 5 men in the shop may have felt the same way. But to their credit, they all waited patiently and politely while I eventually got my order. So I'll definitely be going back!

By the way, I could get 6 sausages and 2 crumbed pieces of lamb and had a bit left over... just in case you were wondering :)

See you next time...

xo Marissa.


  1. i find the whole butcher thing very overwhelming. i'm a vegetarian but sometimes i have to go in there to buy meat for hubby or sons....i feel like they are going to catch me out - you know cause i sound like i have nooooo idea what they are on about! lol! i always end up telling them that i'm a vego as if it will excuse my lack of butcher shop etiquitte! lol! i hate going there....

  2. I figure, I'm the customer, I'm the one with the money, they can just give me what I want.
    Butchers are well aware that they're competing with supermarkets and they'll usually go a long way towards winning a new customer. My local even has rewards cards!

  3. Wow, $10 gets you a lot at the butcher. I remember shopping for chicken liver when my son was about 9 months and I only needed 1-2 chicken livers for him (which would probably cost less than $1). I was too embarrassed to ask, so I always ended up buying more than I needed.

  4. I love great customer service like this. If he was in my neighborhood I would certainly visit him.

    I usually as for 5 or 6 of something instead of a kilo of something. Eheheh

  5. This cracked me up! I can totally imagine doing the exact same thing!

  6. I always ask for a number of sausages or even gm of this or that.

    I can identify entirely ...I got a weird look recently one day when I asked for how many in a kilo at Lenard's chicken shop.
    I just wanted to know ;).

    Hope you friends enjoy it.

  7. Thank you for starting my day with a smile...I did not have time to go through yesterday...but I am glad I stopped today...:)



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