Wednesday, October 7, 2009


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So if you are looking for any member of the Roberts family this week, you can find us at home. We have all picked up a virus! Not a really bad one, but an annoying one... so we have been told to stay away from everyone until we get better. From everyone. I feel like I'm in that movie Outbreak. You know, with the monkey, and McDreamy from Grey's Anatomy... before he was McDreamy - I don't like his hair in that movie... anyway, I'm getting off topic...

It started the day after Sophie's naming day - I woke up with a bit of a scratchy throat, but I put it down to the changes in the weather lately - after that I didn't think much about it... until Ben mentioned he thought he was getting a cold again (we only got over colds a couple of weeks ago!).

Cut to 2 days later and I have little spots on me! So of course the first thing I worry about is how serious it is and can Sophie catch it?!?! Whoops - and I was worried about you too, Ben, I swear!

So I do the sensible mum thing and I make a doctor's appointment for Friday - after all, we have a big weekend planned - a trip to Sydney to visit friends and relatives. P.S Ben laughed at me because I knew the doctor's phone number by heart - I was surprised I did too - when did that happen?? Is that a sign that I'm getting old? Actually, is worrying that I'm getting old a sign that I'm getting old?

Ok, so now I can relax, I thought. I've done everything I can, I just need to take it easy and look after Sophie (plus I love any excuse to nap when she naps, so it worked out well). But no...

On closer inspection, little Sophie has spots too! So, back on the phone to the dr, this time they squeezed in an appointment for this afternoon (I have a really great doctor's surgery). Pity I a) didn't have a car to take her to the dr in, and b) wasn't up to driving due to my symptoms!

So poor Ben had to bring the car home and take us both out there. Then we had to sit outside while we waited at the surgery because somebody (read: Ben) didn't want to wear the swine flu mask (ps we don't have swine flu, it's ok, stop panicking...). Is it daggy that I would have been quite excited to wear the mask? Although I don't know how we would have kept one on Soph :)

Anyway, in a nut shell (where does that saying come from anyway?), we all have the virus and we will all be contagious until Monday. Lucky us. So now I'll be cancelling the plans we had for the weekend (including a luxurious hotel stay...) and we'll be living it up in Shortland, watching, apparently, the Police Academy movies (that one's for you, Jess Walker!). At least there's Facebook and Twitter (and the good old fashioned telephone...).
See you next time,
xo Marissa

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