Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Update: The great baby weight loss challenge..

marissa writes a blog on tuesday...

So it's time for another weight loss update!

Here is a run down on the habits I have incorporated so far, and how they went this week:

  • no second helpings: pretty good, haven't had seconds for any main meals, but I am finding the temptation to snack a bit hard to resist, especially if baby Sophie and I are at home for the day.
  • an apple each day for morning tea: worked really well until we were quarantined and I ran out of apples. The good news though is that now we can leave the house, so it's off to the supermarket tomorrow for some more :)
  • drink more water: have to admit, this one went way better than I thought it would - in particular the hot water and lemon juice as my first drink of the day. I only forgot twice, and on the days I remembered I rally enjoyed it - especially when I switched from plastic lemon juice (you know, the kind that comes in the bottle) to real slices of lemon. It just looks so much prettier...

This week's habit: Ok, the time has come. A few of you have said this to me over the past couple of weeks, and you are right, I just didn't want to admit it... This week I'll start exercising regularly. And I need to - I just don't move as much as I could. In a world of remotes, the Internet, cars and central heating, there are less and less reasons to get moving. So it looks like I'll have to schedule it in, make it part of my to do list :) I'll let you know what I try and how it goes on my next update.

Well, I'm off to hide the remotes and the car keys (at least that will get me started!)...

See you next time,

xo Marissa

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