Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wine Time...

marissa writes a blog on wednesday...

So I'm really looking forward to a glass of wine tonight.

Aah, wine. White wine, red wine, dessert wine, sparkling wine - there are so many types that I love. I am an Equal Opportunity wine drinker - I don't just pick one and stick with it, I feel that different types of wine apply to different occasions and settings. For example, these are a few of my personal preferences:

  • Sparkling wine: Suitable for special / romantic occasions such as weddings, bridal showers, Valentine's day, birthday dinner (at a special restaurant) or pretty much anywhere that has candlelight. Also a great wine to give as a special gift (thanks Dean!)
  • White wine: Great for lunches out, especially if you are sitting by the water at a lovely seafood restaurant. White wine is my preferred choice for parties too, as it doesn't make your teeth go purple (like red wine), and you don't get tipsy as quickly as you do with sparkling wine.
  • Red wine: Perfect for nights at home, cold nights, locations with fireplaces - red wine makes me feel cosy. I'm also more likely to drink red wine if I am wearing red nail polish - not sure why, it just fits..
  • Dessert wine: Good for dessert. You all saw that one coming :)

So as you can see I appreciate my (as Kath and Kim put it) 'Wine Time'. I have to be careful when I pour it myself though - I don't have any of those glasses with the line on them like you see in pubs or restaurants. You know - the line that tells you how far to fill the glass to make one standard drink.

I don't drink and drive so that's not the issue - but I don't like hangovers either, so I like to pour my wine carefully. So what I do is count to 6 when I pour the glass, and when I get to 6, I know I have the perfect amount.

Except on those days when counting to 6 is just not enough, and only a size 8 will do :)


See you next time,

xo Marissa.

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