Saturday, July 17, 2010

How can I get past 'Blogger's Block'?

Tonight, I sat down at my computer all ready to blog.

The setting was perfect:

House clean and tidy

Baby asleep

Husband cooking dinner (thanks honey!)

Glass of wine at the ready

Hours of free time stretching out before me...

So, just one problem: What on earth do I write about?

Uh Oh. Blogger's Block.

So, if there's anyone out there....

What do I do now?

xo Marissa.


  1. You could tell us 10 random things about you, share a recipe, tell us your love story, your biggest dream or fear, how has being a mother changed you, write a letter to YOU, write a letter to your daughter, write a letter to the world....ok I'll stop now!

  2. It's happens to the best of us! I find that having a browse through a writer's prompt site like this one: sometimes helps. Or you could check out the gazillion weekly memes that are happening around the blogosphere (

  3. I get much of my inspiration from books, magazines, recent things that have been happening in my life, random thoughts I have had (I get a lot of those :S)... It's hard though, I know what you are talking about- there are times where I go days without writing things...

  4. I get that every now & then! Or my brain is buzzing with blog ideas....but I'm just not in the right frame of mind to post about that topic at the time!! Stacey had some great suggestions! I do features such as: Etsy, Madeit finds, quotes that inspire me, colour focuses etc! Or even just a photo you've found on the net that you want to share with everyone....something you love :) xox

  5. I just discovered your blog via the SMS forums and it's lovely! Consider yourself 'followed'!!!

  6. Thanks everyone! I'm definately inspired now :)




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