Thursday, July 29, 2010

And the 'Husband of the Year' award goes too...

I love a gorgeous bunch of flowers. They make my world so pretty :)

I was inspired to post a floral pic tonight by my fantastic husband, although I don't think he knows yet... well, he gets my blog posts by email so he's bound to find out soon enough!

Anyway, I was inspired because over the past couple of days I have realised how helpful he is. He baths the baby every night, cooks dinner AND lately has been helping with / doing the dishes afterwards while I play on the computer. And you know what he has asked for in return?

Nothing. I don't even think he's keeping score. He's amazing.

So back to my floral pic. The other day I bought flowers for someone to say thanks for their help. At the time I found myself looking wistfully at them, wishing I got flowers more often.

How selfish of me, when I have something so much better.

I don't mean that in a bragging way. I almost didn't write this post because I thought it would come across as showing off. But you know what? I am lucky enough to have a husband that loves me and takes care of our family, so why shouldn't he get credit for that?

Husband of the year ;)

Aww, I'm so romantic.

xo Marissa.

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  1. That's beautiful Marissa. AND yes...of course he should get credit. Our hubbies are often not acknowledged for the wonderful people they are so I think it's lovely that you wrote a heart felt post about your fantastic're very lucky to have each other :)



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