Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

Today's post is inspired by this idea.

So here's my Ten on Tuesday for this week:

10 websites I visit everyday: (and how / why I use them)**

  1. Twitter : Where else can I catch up on all the gossip fast and blurt out what's on my mind, all while practicing keeping it short and sweet in 140 characters or less :) Plus I also like to follow the celebs and pretend we're friends. Not in a stalker way, I promise!
  2. Facebook : I use Facebook in 2 ways: a) as my 'real life' version of Twitter (complete with pictures and games), and b) to make sarcastic (and hopefully funny) comments to my husband (usually while he is sitting on the lounge next to me), just because it's fun..
  3. Sunny Mummy : I go on and on about Sunny Mummy all the time. That's because she's that good. For a warm, friendly, influence on Motherhood, this is the place to go.
  4. the Sunny Mummy Sisterhood : For all of us Sunny Mummy fans who want more - we all love Sunny Mummy, and for the price of a take away coffee every week, we get to meet and chat online, meet up in person, share stories, ask for advice and chat as a group with the original Sunny Mummy herself every Wed night. Love it.
  5. My Nutrimetics Store : I love this stuff, so I buy it, and I sell it. I do parties for ladies in my local area, but I have friends and family who don't live close by, so they buy their beauty products from my online shop. Shipping is under $10 and it's open 24/7, so feel free to buy some too if you like quality products at a great price. This product in particular, is gorgeous.
  6. You Tube : I love the beauty tutorials. I know people make fun of them sometimes, but I'll admit it - I'm girly, I love learning new tips and tricks, and I really like the product reviews.. Plus you can subscribe to your favourite channels and when you don't have much time but want to veg out, it's like watching 10 minute tv shows so you can really make the most of your time ;)
  7. My Blog : Come on. You didn't really think I would leave this one out, did you?
  8. Hotmail: It's free and it links to my Iphone. Easy. it probably does more, but that's all I need it for.
  9. Netbank: So easy to do my banking now. I pay bills, send people money, nickname my accounts (I have one called Shoe Money), I even save the trees and get my statements online. And the security is amazing. If only I could insert cheques into the computer and have the money go into my account, then my banking life would be perfect ;)
  10. Google: Oh Google. What would I do without you? Aside from all the regular searches I perform in a day, you are so handy when I'm in the car with the Husband, listening to the radio and we are trying to win the "who sings that song" race against each other. He drives, I Google. So I win.

Now, before you go, I should point out that some of the above are my own pages. Shameless plugs.

I'm not sorry ;) I really do visit them every day!

What are your top 10 most visited websites? Post it in your blog and link it to me, or just list them in a comment below :)

xo Marissa.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Scared of Technology?

I am.

Even though I'm addicted to Blogging, Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, Email, my Iphone, and many more - I still struggle sometimes with technology.

This week's struggle is my Blue Tooth Car System thing that my husband receievd with his new Iphone (who even knows if that's what it's called?)

I know it's meant to make my life easier and should help me miss important calls, but to be honest it's just made me a bit paranoid and shy!

You see, I'm what I like to call an "Easy Listening-In Transit-RockStar". I love songs I can sing to, including kids music at the moment - my daughter is 1 yr old and a big fan of Play School and Patsy Biscoe cds.

So our car trips are usualy filled with Mum's slightly off beat, out of tune but very passionate singing. I belt them out. I even throw in a few "Sing it with me Sophie!" 's before the chorus of some songs to get my daughter to join in ;)

Well, I used to do that.

Since installing the hands free system in our car, I now worry that I'll accidentally a) ring someone using voice control or b)answer the phone using voice control while singing and not realise there is some on the other end.

Now I worry enough that someone will hear me singing at traffic lights and laugh, so imagine how mortified I would be if my Blue Tooth nightmare was to come true!

I know there's probably something built in to stop that from happening, but come on. I've seen Terminator. You can't trust technology 100%....

Plus, I haven't read the instructions. If I had more time to read, I'd be keeping up to date with my online bookclub :)

So I'm putting it out there for discussion.

Have you had a bad technology experience? If so, what was it?

xo Marissa.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

childproofing - and mummy proofing - the house

I can't believe how grown up our little girl is getting!

She picks up her cup and drinks from it herself, she chat chat chats all day long, she does the actions to our favourite songs - it's adorable.

Sophie has also learnt how to open cupboard doors. Yes, this is adorable too. But also very cheeky ;)

I'll admit it - I've been slow to childproof the house. I think I was in denial about how fast she is growing up (too fast!). So until this week, I haven't worried about putting child locks on our drawers and cupboards - which is odd for me, as I am normally the mum who hovers around, worried about potential injuries..

Anyway, the time has come to child proof, as shown here by this photo I took of Sophie when she thought I wasn't looking:

This is the moment where I said "What are you doing?" and she looked over and said "Uh-oh..."

So on went the child proof locks.

They work really well.

Too well. I keep forgetting they are there.

So currently the house is full of banging sounds, usually followed by "Whoops.."

How embarrassing. My husband thinks it's hilarious :)

Has this happened to you?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Laundry Issues...

So, it's been raining a fair bit this week..

Ok, don't quote me on that. It was quite sunny yesterday, but on and off over the past week or so, it's been raining enough to affect my washing.

Notice I said affect my washing, not my washing day.

I'm one of those lucky mums who has at least one load of washing to do every day. And there are only 3 of us living at my house. And one of them is a teeny tiny 1 yr old!

Where does this washing come from, I hear you ask? Or maybe you aren't asking. Maybe you have the same amount of washing, or more, and I should just make peace with my 2 huge, almost always full, washing baskets, because it turns out it's actually normal ;)

Well, I wondered where it all came from. So I sat down, with my Sunny Mummy Assistant (which I just adore, check it out!) and sorted out which day I would wash which laundry.

Stay with me here. I know it sounds a little over the top, but it works for me:

Mon: Bibs and Tea towels (together)
Tues: Sophie's clothes
Wed: Dark clothes
Thurs: Towels
Fri: Light clothes
Sat: Sheets
Sun: Dark clothes (yep, we have a lot of dark clothes)

See? Totally normal :)

Anyway, you would think I live in laundry heaven with this well organised, weekly washing schedule. Nearly, but not quite...

Weather. So unpredictable.

I hang my washing undercover. All the time. Even on sunny days.

I do this for two reasons:

1. Because I normally get distracted by everyday life, and forget it's on the line. And I'm worried something will happen to my washing (not sure why, I suppose there aren't that many people out there who would steal towels and maternity clothes. No, I'm not expecting, I just haven't quite lost the baby weight from Soph yet. Ok, I haven't actually lost any. That's a post for another day..)

2. If the weather changes suddenly, I can't run out and bring in the washing quickly because it's hard to do it with Sophie (no offense Honey Bunny xoxo).

So I hang it undercover all the time.

My problem is, with the weather at the moment, it's taking forever to dry!

And I can't just stop doing the washing until better weather, because I would be swimming in laundry. Not to mention the effect it would have on my ironing schedule ;)

So I have been doing my best, taking off bits and pieces as they dry and replacing them with wet ones. It's not as smooth as I would like it, but hey, it could be worse. At least I have a washing machine.

Imagine how long this post would be if I didn't!

How do you handle your washing?

xo Marissa.


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