Sunday, August 15, 2010

childproofing - and mummy proofing - the house

I can't believe how grown up our little girl is getting!

She picks up her cup and drinks from it herself, she chat chat chats all day long, she does the actions to our favourite songs - it's adorable.

Sophie has also learnt how to open cupboard doors. Yes, this is adorable too. But also very cheeky ;)

I'll admit it - I've been slow to childproof the house. I think I was in denial about how fast she is growing up (too fast!). So until this week, I haven't worried about putting child locks on our drawers and cupboards - which is odd for me, as I am normally the mum who hovers around, worried about potential injuries..

Anyway, the time has come to child proof, as shown here by this photo I took of Sophie when she thought I wasn't looking:

This is the moment where I said "What are you doing?" and she looked over and said "Uh-oh..."

So on went the child proof locks.

They work really well.

Too well. I keep forgetting they are there.

So currently the house is full of banging sounds, usually followed by "Whoops.."

How embarrassing. My husband thinks it's hilarious :)

Has this happened to you?

1 comment:

  1. Too cute, I remember child proofing! I went to a girlfriends on Sunday and couldn't get into the kitchen drawer because it was locked. She laughed at me thinking it was very funny!!! xx



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