Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday's Mission!

I am on a mission this Monday to...

Get my bills and banking in order!

Here's how I currently file my banking and bill information:

Needs work, huh?

Any tips on how to organise it so that my bills get paid on time, and my banking is easy??

xo Marissa

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Busy Mum's Weekly Beauty Routine!

I'm a busy Mum.

When it comes to my beauty routine, sometimes I'm:

  • forgetful

  • tired

  • lazy

  • and of course busy!

I like make up, beauty treatments, pamper sessions, etc.

But I find it hard to:

  • afford them

  • fit them into my busy schedule

  • not feel guilty about using the time for myself

So how do I make sure I get the time to take care of myself?

(Go on, you all know me well enough by now.....)

I make it ROUTINE!

  • Monday: Exfoliate Body (in shower)

  • Tuesday: DIY Manicure (after shower)

  • Wednesday: Pedicure and Eyebrow maintenance (after shower)

  • Thursday: At home Micro Dermabrasion (in and after shower)

  • Friday: Legs (in shower)

  • Saturday: Hair Treatment (in or after shower)

  • Sunday: Face Masque and Eye Treatment (after shower)

As you can see, all of the above are completed during or after a shower.


For me, it's the best time. The family already expects me to be unavailable for a while, so an extra 10 minutes doesn't make a big difference to them..

Plus, after (or in) the shower I am warm and relaxed, and my skin, hair etc is in perfect beautifying condition!

I'm all for multi tasking and saving time, and this works beautifully for me :)

What's your beauty routine?

xo Marissa

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tough days...

A very quick ramble tonight..

Have a loved one in hospital after a very close call yesterday, so am typing with one hand and crossing my fingers on the other in the hope that tomorrow will be the day it all gets better.

One thought that has crossed my mind today - it's amazing how having a cute baby around can make the toughest days easier and bring a bit of sunshine in.

Especially one that likes to high 5 herself in the mirror :)

Big hugs and thank you's to our family and friends for their well wishes, support and offers of help with cooking, babysitting etc while we work out how to handle the week ahead xoxoxo

xo Marissa

Friday, September 3, 2010

Kreativ Blogger Meme

One of my favourite bloggers, Amelia from Weddings, Babies... Everything has passed me the Kreativ Blogger Meme this week, and I'm so excited to do it (thanks Amelia)!

Here's how it works: I need to share 7 things about me that others may not know.

Where should I start? Think I'll just dive straight in..

  1. I never buy the first item on the supermarket shelf: I always take the one behind it. To me, it's logical, because a) people test the first one to see if they like it (deoderant, anyone?).. and b) the longer use-by dates are always at the back, and I like to get value for money.
  2. If I can't sleep, I like to watch Nigella Lawson DVDs in bed. There's something so soothing about watching her cook, I drift off everytime.. which brings me to #3.
  3. I pretend I have my own cooking show when I cook. Oh yes - I talk while I cook, giving step by step instructions as I go. No, I don't set up a camera (although I may one day, you never know)
  4. I like going to the movies by myself. Don't get me wrong, I also like going with people. But when I am frazzled and need time out, I go see a movie by myself to chill out. I get there early, I always have Maltesars and a Diet Coke (although that will have to change now thanks to "Sweet Poison" and Sunny Mummy!) and I escape for a couple of hours. I don't mind which movie I see, I'm an equal opportunity movie goer. Ooh, and the less people in the cinema, the better. I like to pretend I've booked out the entire session for myself.
  5. I snore. Twice, I have woken myself up with my own snoring. Once when I was in the bath (Note to Marissa, drink less red wine in the bath), and once during a Uni Lecture. I did not stay at Uni very long after that ;)
  6. I love kid's music. No problem, seeing I have a young daughter. Except lately I am finding myself singing to a Play School or Justine Clarke cd in the car.... even when little Sophie's not there. I can't help it, they're so easy to sing along to, they are always happy songs (and I'm one of those happy song lovers - no melodrama for me unless it's in a movie or reality tv show - then I'm hooked)and I get excited when it's a new cd and I realise it has songs on it that I knew when I was a kid (and had forgotten about until now).
  7. I prefer washing dishes to drying dishes. Lucky for me, my husband prefers drying to washing. I married well. Although to be honest, I prefer not washing or drying at all. How old do kids have to be before you can make them do the dishes? I know, Mother of the Year ;)

So that's my 7! PLEASE comment below if you have any of the above in common with me, I would like to think I am still normal :)

Now I need to pass the Kreativ Blogger Meme on, a few less than I planned because a few of my favourite gals have already been tagged! Anyway, the lucky ladies are:

A few guidelines to follow ladies:

  • Copy the award to your blog
  • Insert a link to the person who nominated you
  • Share 7 thimgs about yourself that you haven't told us before
  • Nominate other bloggers for the award
  • Link to their blogs
  • Tell the nominees about their award

xo Marissa.


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