Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Busy Mum's Weekly Beauty Routine!

I'm a busy Mum.

When it comes to my beauty routine, sometimes I'm:

  • forgetful

  • tired

  • lazy

  • and of course busy!

I like make up, beauty treatments, pamper sessions, etc.

But I find it hard to:

  • afford them

  • fit them into my busy schedule

  • not feel guilty about using the time for myself

So how do I make sure I get the time to take care of myself?

(Go on, you all know me well enough by now.....)

I make it ROUTINE!

  • Monday: Exfoliate Body (in shower)

  • Tuesday: DIY Manicure (after shower)

  • Wednesday: Pedicure and Eyebrow maintenance (after shower)

  • Thursday: At home Micro Dermabrasion (in and after shower)

  • Friday: Legs (in shower)

  • Saturday: Hair Treatment (in or after shower)

  • Sunday: Face Masque and Eye Treatment (after shower)

As you can see, all of the above are completed during or after a shower.


For me, it's the best time. The family already expects me to be unavailable for a while, so an extra 10 minutes doesn't make a big difference to them..

Plus, after (or in) the shower I am warm and relaxed, and my skin, hair etc is in perfect beautifying condition!

I'm all for multi tasking and saving time, and this works beautifully for me :)

What's your beauty routine?

xo Marissa

1 comment:

  1. My Beauty routine.
    I usually shower on Sunday twice. in the morning & before bed, Some how monday is just crazy so I don't shower until way after dinner & I usually wash my hair, blow dry & straighten parts of it,
    I use face wash, body wash & use teeth whitening gel everyday. I maintain my Eyebrows on Tuesday nights, wax my lip on Wednesday & shave my underarms, Thursday I was my hair again & on Friday I shave my legs & add fake tan to my body.



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