Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tough days...

A very quick ramble tonight..

Have a loved one in hospital after a very close call yesterday, so am typing with one hand and crossing my fingers on the other in the hope that tomorrow will be the day it all gets better.

One thought that has crossed my mind today - it's amazing how having a cute baby around can make the toughest days easier and bring a bit of sunshine in.

Especially one that likes to high 5 herself in the mirror :)

Big hugs and thank you's to our family and friends for their well wishes, support and offers of help with cooking, babysitting etc while we work out how to handle the week ahead xoxoxo

xo Marissa


  1. Marissa, That was a beautiful blog. Thinking of you all lots and lots. Love Soph to bits in this photo (but i always love her) She has taught Zali to say "Hi". All arvo Zali was saying "Hi" the exact same way Sophie does LOL
    Love Shell xxoo

  2. Very cute photo of Sophie!

    Been sending happy, positive thoughts your way this week. Hope your father-in-law is ok!

    Take care,


  3. Marissa all our love is with you, Ben and Sophie at this hard time we know that everything is going to be fine.....if you need anything just ask...

    Love Amber, Gareth and Hayden xxxxx

  4. Thank you so much everyone, really appreciate your we wishes xo

  5. I mean, thanks everyone for your well wishes xoxo



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