Sunday, October 31, 2010

Christmas DVD review: "Handy Manny - A Very Handy Holiday"

Ok Handy Manny lovers (I know you're out there), this one's for you!

I received a copy of "Handy Manny - A Very Handy Holiday" to review from Porter Novelli via Aussie Mummy Bloggers and as soon as I put it on, Sophie was spellbound!

Soph's been a Handy Manny fan for quite a while now, and I have to admit, I love the show too.

The Holiday DVD has all the fun parts of the show - Manny (of course), the Tools, the citizens of SheetRock Hills (boy I hope I got that right!), the songs, the fix-it projects and I need to give a special mention to poor Mister Lopart, who is one of my favourites :)

I have already seen the Christmas episode on TV but the New Year's one was new to me. What I love about this DVD is they've kept all the good things about the Handy Manny show and added a holiday feel to it, not just Christmas but other Holidays celebrated as well, and it even has a Tigger and Pooh episode as a bonus feature.

I really like the extra songs in this episode too, adds a bit of Christmas cheer :)

In fact, I think I'll be playing this DVD repeatedly over the festive season. It's bright and happy, pretty to look at and lovely to listen to.

I haven't got a copy to give away, but in the spirit of Christmas giving I have a copy of "Disney's Christmas Favourites" up for grabs if you would like to own it - just comment below and let me know - what's your favourite kids Christmas movie / dvd at the moment?

I'll pick a winner and contact them in 2 weeks - good luck!

xo Marissa


  1. I don't think my little guys have a Christmas DVD ... though I have a good idea for one now ;).It's sure to be a favourite they love tools.

    They know of Handy Manny but I don't think they have watched him.

    My eldest (now 17) loved the Grinch christmas video when he was little.

  2. I should warn you then Trish - once you start on Handy Manny it's very hard to stop ;)

  3. Congratulations Trish! You have won the giveaway :) Email me at to arrange delivery of your prize xoxo

  4. Lovely information on dvd. Keep it up and content of theis blog is really very enetertaing to read.



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