Sunday, October 31, 2010

Christmas DVD Review: "Phineas and Ferb: A Very Perry Christmas"

Ok this show cracks me up. I used to watch it on a Saturday morning before I even had Sophie.

Have you seen it? It's about these 2 kids who are on school holidays and cram as much as they can into each day - crazy, wacky projects on a HUGE scale that always turn out well for them and badly for their sister (who spends each day trying - and failing - to catch them in the act and dob them in to their mum).

So I received a review copy of the Christmas special from Porter Novelli through Aussie Mummy Bloggers (yep, these guys are really generous and very lovely) and set about the tough job of relaxing on the lounge and watching the show last Saturday afternoon.

You know what I loved from the start? They took the usual opening song and scenes and turned them into Christmas versions. Very cute. very funny - they had me from there :)

This is one of those kids DVDs that parents can handle (and even enjoy) watching. Perry the platypus is great and I love the bad guy in it (but I can't remember his name!), and lots of funny one liners as well.

And for the kiddies? The story is great - dramas when the whole town is put on Santas 'Naughty' list at the last minute, then Phineas and Ferb go into rescue mode and get everyone together to help save the day.

I also love that after the Christmas episode the dvd has other (non-Christmas) episodes to follow - that's getting your money's worth.

Have a look for this one in the shops this Christmas, it'll make a cute little stocking stuffer and will give you some time to relax on the big day while the kiddies are watching it :)

Now that you're in the Christmas DVD mood, I'll throw in some good news - I have a Christmas DVD to give away. Not Phineas and Ferb (sorry) but one that kids love anyway - this one's a "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - Mickey Saves Santa". Comment below and tell me your favourite Kids' Christmas movie or show of all time - I'd love to know!

I'll pick a winner and let them know in 2 weeks - so make sure you leave me some way to contact you!

xo Marissa


  1. I love all the Christmas movies, especially the ones I watched growing up. All time fave would have to be Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. Managed to find this on DVD a couple of years back and to make me even happier, found decorations at big w last year!!!! My kids will get a love of this movie if it kills me!!!! Oh and big w even have Rudolph chocolate countdown calendars this year!!!!!

  2. I know I commented on another review ;)
    I don't think my 4 yr olds have a Christmas DVD ... though I have a good idea for a few now ;)

    I feel like they are deprived.I might have to search through the old videos or go shopping.

    My eldest (now 17) loved the Grinch christmas video when he was little.

  3. I haven't seen Rudolph or the Grinch yet, so thanks for the great ideas!

  4. Great post Marissa. I think "Polar Express" would have to be my fave these it. I'm a big kid when it comes to Christmas...I can't get enough of the festive season. Merry Christmas's just around the corner...yay :)

  5. So I have (finally) got a winner for you! Sorry it's taken so long everyone, I have been such a slacker this past month and let a bunch of things on my To Do List get on top of me!

    I used to generate a winner, and the winner is..... Lisa Robertson!

    Congratulations Lisa! send me an email at and I'll arrange to have your prize sent to you xoxo



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