Saturday, October 9, 2010

Christmas is coming (sooner than you think)!

77 days to be exact...

See? Not that long to go!

Not much time to organise:

  • Christmas Card List

  • Gift shopping

  • Menu Planning

  • Wrapping

  • Parties

  • Getting the house ready

  • Santa photos

... and that's just the start of it!

How are you feeling? My guess is one of two ways - Happy & Excited (H&E), or Panicked & Frazzled (P&F).

If you're H&E - WooHoo! Only 77 days till Christmas! Pretty lights to put up, parties to go to, bubbly and eggnog to drink, gifts to wrap - the fun is just beginning!

If you're P&F - Whoa. Take a deep breath. Breathe in... and out. You're going to be ok. Really.

How do I know this? Because I have been both of the above. I know what it's like to be P&F, but THIS year, I'm H&E all the way. With the help of Organised Christmas and 101 Days to Christmas.

Just to be clear - I'm not being sponsered to write this post. I actually really adore both websites.

This year, I have used Organised Christmas to build my Christmas Planner. It's a folder that has everything: monthly calendars, gift ideas pages, checklists, even a week by week To Do list starting in October designed to get me ready for the Big Day with minimum stress. And it's so pretty!

I only discovered 101 Days to Christmas the other day and I love it already. It has daily messages to inspire and motivate you. This is where I go to get "In the Christmas mood" before I pick up my planner and get to work.

So this year, I am well prepared. No more last minute rushing around, trying to get things done. I am going to spend my December relaxing, catching up with friends and family and enjoying all the pretty things Christmas has to offer.

I also have to give a HUGE thanks to Tina from Tina Gray {dot} Me for inspiring me to blog about my favourite time of the year. Tina shares my love of all things Christmas and currently posts about it every Friday on her blog. She's also kindly agreed to let me do the same, so I'll be posting Christmas updates on Fridays as well...

OK Fine. You got me. This week I'm late. but starting next week, I'll be doing it on Fridays, I swear ;)


How will you be getting ready for Christmas this year?

xo Marissa


  1. Ooh I forgot to mention it was through Tina that I found the Organized Christmas site: check out her post by clicking on her link above and searching 'Organized Christmas' :)

    And I should mention that I used the wrong spelling for them: It's 'Organized Christmas', not 'Organised Christmas'. How embarrassing!

  2. Thanks for linking me up, Marissa! Much appreciated :)

    I was MEANT to be posting each Friday leading up to Christmas but I think I may have missed a couple!

  3. Wait what in 77 days I think its time to get some presents.

  4. I made my own planner this year! Check it out at and get planning with me!



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