Friday, October 29, 2010

Get your kids eating their Vegies..

It's no secret I love to cook - although i have been a bit of a slacker over the past couple of months and my husband has taken over for the time being.

I have started cooking a bit more lately though, thanks to Wendy Blume and her book "Vegie Smugglers - recipes that sneak the good stuff in".

I was lucky enough to receive a review copy of Wendy's book via Stacey at Sunny Mummy (thanks Stace!) and was very excited when it came in the mail. I'm a sucker for any book, but books that are pretty to look at and make my life easy, those are my favourites, and this one is a winner.

Here's what I love about this book (besides the pretty factor):
  • There's a really big range of meals included, using different ingredients, so not boring at all
  • The recipes include handy tips such as how to prepare the meals bit by bit throughout the day when you have a minute or two spare - so that by dinnertime, it's 10 minutes and it's on the table
  • it points out which meals are good to freeze for an easy dinner another day
  • The recipes have adjustments listed to make it more interesting for adults to eat - I'm a big fan of just cooking one meal for the family, not different meals for adults vs kids, so I love this
  • The recipes are really easy and not expensive
  • There's a comment and rating box for each meal so you can remember later what was popular with the kiddies
  • It gives me the confidence to try new styles of food for Soph that I wasn't sure she was ready for yet - and she's loving it!

The recipe that's been the biggest hit with my daughter is the Vegetable Slice. Sophie's a great eater but loves her bread with dinner - she usually wants to eat all the bread first and then start on the meal. With this slice, she doesn't even look at the bread until it has all disappeared!

So if you're reading this Wendy, thanks for sending me such a great book, it has made dinnertime at my house very easy. Just don't ask for the book back - I'm keeping it!

Has anyone else tried this book? What do you use as inspiration when cooking for your family?

xo Marissa.

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