Friday, January 7, 2011

Busy Mum's Guide: How to wash dishes

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I am NOT one of the lucky ones that have a dishwasher.

For me, washing the dishes is not fun. I mean, yes, there's water. Yes, there's bubbles. Yes, there's cute rubber gloves. But there are also dirty dishes :(

Here's how I make the most of my dishwashing time. I aim for quick and easy:
  1. Take a walk around the house and grab every dish from every room. There's nothing worse than finishing the washing up and finding 1 left over at the end.

  2. Sort the dishes into categories, from cleanest to dirtiest. You can sort them physically on your counter or just come up with the order in your head. Mine goes: baby stuff, glasses/cups, cutlery, plates pots and pans. Yours may be different. That's ok.

  3. Make sure your dish drainers are completely empty. I have 2. I am not a dryer, I am a stacker. If your drainer(s) are not part of the sink, pop a clean tea towel underneath them to stop any water dripping / flooding onto your counter.

  4. Start washing, in order - cleanest to dirtiest.

  5. Stack carefully as you go, so that a) nothing falls, and b) everything can drip dry (e.g. bowls upside down or on an angle).

  6. Rinse as you go - if you need to. I do a lot of rinsing of baby stuff and glasses, but that's it. I'd rather save the water. And my energy.

And that's it! Now go and do something a lot more fun.

How do you do your dishes?


  1. Exactly the same as you! To every little detail that you put down. Dishes are still boring and something I don't like to do, but when you have a system they seem less work and a little more desirable to do :-)



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