Monday, February 7, 2011

Top 5: Things I'd like invented in the future

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I couldn't sleep the other night, so I turned on the TV and noticed the movie 'The 6th Day' was on. I fell asleep again pretty quickly, but not before noticing a few cool futuristic inventions going on (e.g. When Arnie's character runs out of milk he orders a replacement by pressing a button on his fridge door).

It got me thinking about what I would like to see invented in the future. All to make my life easier, of course:

1. A dry shower: looks like a normal shower, but when you step in and turn it on, it washes and dries you in one go. You're in and out in under 30 seconds. Hair washed and dried, and the rest of you clean and polished. It would save me at least 40 mins (Fine. It would save me at least an hour). And I would never have to go out / to bed with wet hair again :)

2. A teleporter: Clearly I am not the first person to come up with the idea, but I truly support the concept. I'd like to see it big enough to teleport my whole car (and everything in it), giving me plenty of packing space and the ability to still drive the car should there be any temporary teleportation issues.

3. Online Voting: If I can do my banking securely online, why can't I vote in elections online too? Save me heaps of time lining up at a primary school, and I'm sure the votes could be calculated faster. Yes, there may be a possibility of system problems / hacking, but at the moment there is just as much trouble with miscounts and fakers (people posing as a friend and voting for them).

4. Fingerprint Banking / Payments: No more cash / Eftpos cards. No way would I leave the house and forget my finger ;) Pay for taxis, groceries, services etc with ease! And robbers - if you're reading this - I'd like a built in sensor for each fingerprint reader that checks for body temperature, so you can kiss the i'll-just-chop-off-their-finger-to-steal-their-money idea.

5. Healthy Automatic Food / Meal dispenser: Just like in the Jetsons. That won't open unless it's snack or dinner time, and can take instructions such as 'only release 2 Tim Tams per day for Marissa'

What would you like to see invented?


  1. I love it! My daughter has been declaring how she would grow up to be a scientist/inventor & create a teleporter for herself & old people.

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