Wednesday, March 30, 2011

14 ways I relax

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  • Books

  • Magazines

  • Bubble bath

  • Beauty treatment (at home or out)

  • Brunch in a nice cafe (or a McCafe)

  • Glass of wine (alcohol removed atm)

  • Nap

  • Reality TV

  • Blogging

  • Going to the movies

  • The pool

  • Cute Stationary

  • Chocolate

  • Wandering around the shops by myself

    • What helps you relax?

      When was the last time you did anything just for YOU?


      1. LOVE your list and the fact that you needed to point out the Real cafe or Mccafe ;)

      2. A while ago now Marissa - at least for any length of time.
        Snippets help and can be refreshing but real timeout sadly is a term, a "luxury".
        How annoying it is that "timeout" is a luxury and not a scheduled part of a mothers week.

        have a good weekend

      3. I will add this blog to my favorites, it is great.

      4. All of those things leave me refreshed. Actually anything I can do all by myself without kicking screaming toddler and pre-schooler is a treat. Even a glass of water with lemon and ice sitting at my dining room table with a free coles magazine. Me, the easiest person to please? Yes.



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