Thursday, April 7, 2011

5 things about pregnancy that no one told me about

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  1. After 7 months, you can't reach your feet anymore. Showers and pedicures are not the same.

  2. It's hard to stand still without getting light headed, so waiting in queues gets tricky. It helps to rock back and forth or stamp your feet... but you do look like a mad woman.

  3. You make that old person sound whenever you sit down, stand up or roll over - and don't even notice you've done it.

  4. Leg cramps come from nowhere. Usually at 3am. And the only thing that helps is walking on cold tiles. While your partner (who got you into this in the first place) sleeps peacefully.

  5. You see baby stuff everywhere. EVERYWHERE. And everything you think or talk about relates to babies. "Oh, you're getting the new iPhone? I saw a baby using an iPhone last week.."

Have any of these happened to you?


  1. Ha! ha! love this. I would add that no-one really tells you how many people are going to touch your stomach and think that it is their own. I am so with you on the leg cramps - hated them. Naomi x

  2. This is so gorgeous! And I know once your baby is born that you will also have a very long list of the things that no-one told you about being a mum. (That list might be longer!)

    But I laughed when I read the first one. The visual of me trying to paint my toenails and wax my bikini line... well, you get the picture!

  3. Oh yeh I used to have nightmares about being bitten on the legs by dogs, damn cramps!!!

  4. Ha ha, at least someone was brave enough to speak out! I am expecting my first baby and all i ve heard so far "Oh, its such a joy!" blah blah

    "You ve got that pregnancy glow". Not sure what kind of glow they are talking about? may be the one from my red eyes because of not sleeping enough.. I agree, its a wonderful time, but there is a little to do with joy when bathroom is your best friend (thanks, Ms Morning Sickness!)

    I would extend your list to may be 10 more "amazing" surprises:) But whatever... will suffer through and do what it takes to en'joy' this magical time!
    Marusya V

  5. Banana's for the cramps!!! I had them terribly bad when I was pregant with Kaleb until I was told to eat bananas. I know they are expensive at the moment but they really are worth it...
    PS - Harris Farm Markets have them on sale for $5.99 a kilo until Sunday
    xoxoxox The other Marissa xoxoxoxo

  6. Ah, yes to all of the above!! LOL!
    I got my hubby to cut my toenails in the end, because I couldn't reach my feet!! They've got to come in useful for something.... :)



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