Friday, March 18, 2011

Real Life Maternity Fashion – 1 dress, 4 ways

My latest fashion obsessions all revolve around maternity wear as I am around 28 weeks pregnant. While I’ve been really lucky to receive a lot of hand me down maternity clothes from friends and relatives, nothing replaces being able to pick out and wear your favourite styles and colours. I need maternity wear that looks good, makes me feel pretty (even though I’m getting bigger by the day!) and works with the other stuff in my wardrobe.

I was really happy when I received this Quack Nursingwear Nursing / Maternity Dress from in the mail – it ticks all my boxes :)

It comes in Dark Brown, Black/Grey stripes or Magenta – I got the Magenta which goes really well with my colouring :)

Here are my favourite things about this dress:

  • It’s fitted but stretchy – I can still feel girly and not like I’m wearing a big tent
  • It has a v / ruche neckline which is very flattering – it draws the eye up so your belly isn’t the only thing people see, and gives plenty of room for accessories
  • You can machine wash it, no handwashing needed!
  • I haven’t had to iron it yet thanks to the Lycra
  • It comes in size range from 10 to 16 (I’m a 16)
  • It has a discreet breastfeeding layer so you don’t have to stretch the dress down over your shoulder to feed. And I mean discreet. I didn’t realise it was there until the 3rd time I wore the dress. It even has a little duckie picture for baby to look at within the layer :) Here’s a picture of how it works

It’s also really easy to wear it different ways. Here are 4 looks I tried with it (remember I’m no model, this is real life fashion) that I LOVED:


The dress by itself – I’d wear this to dinner with heels



With a chunky beaded necklace (cause when your tummy is bigger you can’t even see a dainty necklace on!) and a denim jacket



Worn as a shirt with jeans, a military style jacket, handbag, scarf & sunglasses (great for a day out shopping – I’d wear brown boots with it)



As a shirt with a grey cardi (worn as a shrug), beaded necklace and charcoal grey pants – I’d wear this with black ballet flats for casual dress day at work

All of the other clothing and accessories in these pics are just random pieces from my own wardrobe (wait - I did borrow one of the necklaces from my Auntie).I found it really easy to incorporate the dress in with what I already own, and that’s a HUGE thing I look for when I’m buying maternity clothes.

The dress is priced at $149.95 and you can buy it here.

and P.S. QueenBee offers free shipping for Australian purchases over $200, so it’s worth having a look around at their other pieces, I mean, while you’re there anyway ;) They also have worldwide delivery if you’re not in Australia.

So that’s my new favourite! What’s your ‘go to’ fashion piece or maternity item?


  1. Wow - you looking fabulous pregnant!! Love the dress - but even that doesn't make me want to go there gain. No more preggy belly here :) I'll just admire from this point on!

  2. What a clever idea to be able to wear it so many different ways!

    You look great in all the pictures!

    I didn't really get too many maternity clothes when I was pregnant, I was able to wear my normal pants, just bought a few tops to mix and match!

  3. what a great photographer :) you look great honey. Love Ben xoxox

  4. Aww bump<3 you you fabulous!!! I hope to do some of these posts as my belly expands too :D

  5. Oh wow look absolutely gorgeous. That baby bump is growing beautifully since I last saw you. Love your post and love the pics :)

  6. You look absolutely gorgeous! Wish I had have known about this one when I was pregnant. Have two li'l princesses now and definitely not going back for a third! LOL! Love that you can wear it through breastfeeding as well. Will go and check it out! Am limited to breastfeeding singlets with cardis at the moment!!!!

  7. Hi Marissa
    You look beautiful. So beautiful in fact that we added your pics to our product images for this dress. I hope you don't mind.
    Queen Bee

  8. You look gorgeous!!! I love the colour and how versatile the dress is. I will definitely be looking at the Queen Bee range next baby.. So good that you can wear it breast feeding too - so maternity clothes don't do that and it makes them have a much shorter lifespan.

    I had one go to dress when I was pregnant. It was a mega cute black cross-over dress from gap maternity. I loved it! It was so flattering and comfortable - easy to dress up or down. Could wear it breast feeding too. Wish I could still wear it..

  9. Don't you look cute. Very smart pregnancy dressing.

  10. Your belly is so cute!
    My number one staple when pregnant is tights, maxi dresses and boots (look good but won't hurt feet as much as heels).

    Can't wait for my bump to pop so I can do some posts like this :)

  11. You look great! I'm no longer pregnant, but I am breastfeeding and I miss wearing dresses! This looks like it would be great for winter. Do you think it would still look as good without the baby in the belly?

  12. What a cute pictures of such a trendy maternity clothes. As such we know having a good feeling of becoming mother on the other side of wearing maternity clothes. I also loved Gap Maternity. And because of how I carried, I was able to get away with a lot of regular clothes in bigger sizes, or even some blousy tops I wore before I was pregnant. So it’s a good to have such kind of trendy clothes at this stage. Thank you so much and all the best.

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  13. You MUST have the three in one dress from pure t. See it here:
    I think the discount code "puresun" may still work for 30% off. Good luck!

  14. Good dress for all maternity women. Even though they are pregnant, they are still in fashion. Have a good selection of different maternity items, and it is great to see a story about plus size women being seen as what they are normal. I actually love the dress she is wearing and checked the website to see if it was on there. I think she makes a very beautiful pregnant woman. For some reason I thought Jewel had already had her baby. Seems like she’s been pregnant forever now. Thanks for sharing..
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