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Busy Mum's Guide: My experience with Coles Online shopping

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I have been freaking out at the idea of grocery shopping with a new baby and a toddler.

I just don't know how it would work - If I use a trolley, I'd have to:

  • Find one that has that special baby seat - and there aren't very many of those

  • Work out what to do with Sophie - who likes to walk but would be tired or distracted after a while and I'd find myself chasing her around more than actually shopping.

I know I could shop on weekends with my husband, but I really want to spend the time together in a more relaxing way.

I know I could ask someone to have the kids while I shop or shop for me, but I'm pretty independant and I'd like to be able to do this myself.

I don't however, want to drive myself crazy trying to do it all.

So lately I have noticed a few friends, people on Facebook and Twitter and a couple of Mummy Bloggers talk about how they do their shopping with Coles Online. The feedback seemed to be pretty good so I thought it would be worth a try. I almost didn't do it as I am a big fan of Aldi - good products, good prices. But Aldi doesn't have online shopping, so they were out. Here's my experience:

  • I saved time: by using the Express Shop option: The only bad thing I had heard about Coles Online was that the first shop took ages as you had to go through the virtual aisles, so I skipped that using this button. When you click it, it gives you a box to type your shopping list into, so you just type things like nappies, tomatoes, crackers, etc and hit search. It comes up with the product options available and you pick the one you want and add it to your trolley.

  • I saved money: because it let me sort items by unit price, and they gave no name options like Coles Smart Buy.

  • Paying for the products: I used my credit card, and it gives an option for EFTPOS on delivery too. I had a problem with the checkout, it wouldn't confirm my address and I couldn't finish the shop. So I called the help line and spoke to Amy, who finished it off for me over the phone and said it would work next time (Note: I just did my second order this morning, and it worked fine today).

  • Delivery Time Frames: If you get in early enough you can choose 2 delivery options: a 3 hr window for $9 and a 2 hr window for $13. The 3 hr windows were all taken so I went with the 2 hr one for my first shop, and am going to order early next time (Note: For my second order this morning, I had no trouble booking a $9 time slot).

  • Delivery Day: It was fun - like Christmas for groceries :) The products were delivered to our kitchen counter, checked off against the order list, and I signed for it. The cold stuff was cold, it was all packaged well.

  • Easy to put away: Because I wasn't buggered from doing a big shop with Sophie and my huge pregnant tummy, I had heaps of energy and didn't mind cleaning the fridge before I packed it all away.

  • Price difference Coles vs Aldi: I think it ended up about the same. Normally I shop Aldi first and then fill the gaps on my shopping list with Coles items - it comes to around $150 a shop. The online shop came to around $150 as well. I didn't do any impulse buys so I think that's where a lot of the savings came in. And I got freebies! Some Be Natural Muesli and a Shampoo and Conditioner sample :)

All in all, I'm very happy with it, and will be grocery shopping online again (Note: Actually, I just did. Put my second order in an hour ago).

I'll also be doing it after baby #2 arrives. But I'll get the husband to clean the fridge for me ;)

So that's my story. Have you shopped online with Coles or another supermarket?


  1. How good is online grocery shopping? I have been shopping online with Woolworths since my daughter was born. We live up a couple of flights of stairs and the delivery man brings the whole crate up for me - bonus!

    I did a test when I first started and loaded up trolleys with the same items online at both Coles and Woolies and I found Woolworths to be slightly cheaper than Coles which is why I went with them. That was over 6 months ago though, could be different now.

  2. In real life, I shop at Coles. When shopping online, I shop at Woolworths. Coles just hasn't been reliable enough for me.

    I love shopping online. I feel like I save so much money. x

  3. This is the only way I shop now. It's my saving grace! Plus it's like Christmas for my daughter when the groceries arrive. Plus I've saved so much money and there's no tantrums! And how brilliant is the ``specials aisle''! :)

  4. I've never shopped online, but after reading this, I'm not sure why. Because I (a) love shopping online, and (b) hate grocery shopping in real life.

    I'm going to give it a whirl thanks to you! ;) xx

  5. I thought yr husband must have been away from home during the week and only home on weekends.
    Why the heck doesn't he get a grip on family life and do the households shopping. If it's so easy online then let him do it. Stop you "Freaking out. Going crazy" Yr words.

  6. Husband is fantastic already - he cooks every night and does the dishes, baths the girls and heaps more. Actually, maybe I need to help out more myself! So I'm happy to do the groceries, especially from home..



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