Thursday, April 21, 2011

Guest Post - What to do with your kids artwork

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Today I have my first guest post on Marissa Writes a Blog! Big thanks to Tat from mum in search who has written a great piece with ideas on how to handle the mountains of artwork your children make. Perfect timing for me as Sophie has literally just discovered art and craft and the house is already covered!

Check out Tat's blog here for more fun parenting tips and some beautiful real life stories :)

Is your children’s artwork taking over your house?

If your place is anything like mine, it would be full of drawings, paintings and craft projects that you can't (your children won't let you) throw out, but are taking an awful lot of space.

Here is what I do with my kids' art and craft pieces:
  • Hang them on the walls.
  • Put some in a special folder.
  • Recycle them in new projects.
  • Throw some out when no one is watching.
  • Make special occasions cards from old drawings and paintings.
  • Use them as gifts to friends and family.
  • Take pictures and post them on my blog for the whole world to admire.
  • Whinge to my husband that we need a bigger place with more room for storage.
  • And I still have artwork lying around all over the place!
How do you store your children's artwork?


  1. There's some really good ideas here. I like the idea of taking photos of them and plastering them on the blog!
    At the moment, if they don't secretly get binned, they go into a large bag that's hanging on the inside of the pantry. Thank goodness we have a large pantry!
    I think I heard one of Oprah's ``people'' saying something about taking photographs of them, keeping the very best pieces and then tossing the rest!
    Great post. :)

  2. I like to make books out of their pictures. I collect 15 or 20 and staple them together. Sometimes we write stories on them and sometimes the kids just read them to their teddy's.

  3. I bought one of those huge plastic bins on wheels, and chuck the ones without seeds and sand and other funny stuff on in there - the idea is to scan it or take pictures of it some time, and then of course I also did the 'middle of the night' chuck it in the recycling/garbage bin ;-)

  4. Great ideas. My mother-in-law saved all my husband's artwork growing up in a huge folder. She then gave it back to him last year. It was really fun to look though :)

  5. Great ideas. I like the one about taking pics and then keeping the best items. Right now my daughter is only 2, so I just buy scrapbooks and she does all her "work" in those so they are easy to store in her keepsake box.



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