Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mummalicious Maternity Wear

It's a sad day for this pregnant lady today.

The only good Maternity Wear shop that I know of in Newcastle is closing down :(

I love shopping online, but sometimes you just need that extra one on one service and to be able to try things on..

Mummalicious is a gorgeous shop run by the lovely Jodie.

The shop sells maternity lingerie, everyday clothes, work clothes, special occasion outfits, and more.

The clothes are just gorgeous. On my last visit I came home with about 5 or 6 pieces that were great quality, affordable, worked well with my current wardrobe and would still look good after the baby is born.

Here are a couple of pics:

Mummalicious is located right across the road from the old David Jones in the Newcastle CBD (19 Wolfe St). David Jones closed earlier this year, which means less people coming to an area that had been quiet for a long time anyway...

If you are or know of a pregnant lady in Newcastle looking for decent maternity clothes, tell them to hurry and go visit Jodie at Mummalicious.

There's a closing down sale at the moment, please show some support if you can and clean out the stock!

You can check this week's opening hours by calling 02 49294757 or have a look at the Facebook page here


  1. Oh no :( I havent been pregnant for 8 months now and i dont plan on doing it again anytime soon but i wish i knew that shop was there while i was pregnant. It was really hard to find anything good ANYWHERE in newcastle

  2. i know i have already commented once today but..

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  4. Thanks for your comments everyone! Remember that opinions are welcome but anything that comes across as offensive will be deleted as I prefer to keep my blog positive and supportive. Difference of opinion is fine, but negative personal remarks belong elsewhere, thanks xo



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