Tuesday, May 31, 2011

3 days till baby!

So I'm booked in to have baby #2 on Friday. C Section. Today is Tuesday. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday... that's ONLY 3 days away! (I'm not counting Friday, that's THE day)!

I am quite an organised person usually. I have to be, I have a terrible short term memory so having routines and reminders are the only way I have life run smoothly. Considering this, you'd think I would be well prepared for baby's arrival, and generally I am (room's ready, etc), but I haven't packed my hospital bags yet..

I don't know why I'm stalling. I have this huge paranoia that I'll go into labour early and won't be ready, but for some reason this isn't really motivating me to pack. I'm motivated to clean out cupboards, to write down important reminders for the Husband while I'm gone (I know, I'm that wife) but actually do something that will help me out on B-day (baby day)? Nope.

Even now, rather than packing while my Husband has taken the Toddler out for morning tea, I'm blogging about packing rather than actually packing.

I do, however have a few excuses lined up for when I feel guilty about my lack of effort:
  • I need to pack the right comfy clothes and they need washing. And it's raining so I don't have anywhere to hang them. Better to just not do it yet.
  • I'm tired.
That's it.
That's all I have.

Wait, one more:
  • I'm worried I'll forget something.
I know the basics to pack, the internet and hospital pamphlets are great for that. But I'll be away from my home, and my 2 favourite people for a week. So I want to have a few extras to make me more comfortable. Even if they're just little things.

I know I'll be busy with the new baby... but to be honest when Sophie was born she slept so much there was a lot of down time during the day, and many times when I couldn't sleep so having a few little comforts with me would be lovely. I'm still a good mum, I swear ;)

Zoey from Good Goog reminded me this morning to pack my phone charger, for which I am very grateful as I'll go nuts without access to texts, emails, Twitter, FB, Blogpress, the Sunny Mummy Sisterhood and my favourite blogs to read.

I need your help too. What else should I pack for hospital?

Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Favourites: my toddler's 5 favourite books this week

Does your child have the same attachment to books as mine does?

Sophie LOVES books. She'll sit with me or her Dad while we read them to her, and if we are busy she'll go and get a book (or 7) out of her room, plonk herself down on her kid size lounge and read them herself - well, she can read a couple, the others I suspect she has memorised! She gets really attached to the characters and storylines, it's adorable :)

Here are her top 5 favourite books this week - the ones she has read over and over, and where we got them from:

  • That's not my Dolly: I picked this up in Big W around Christmas time. It's easy to follow and has a textural feature on each page so it's been a big hit!
  • Big Bird says: This was sitting in a window of a second hand shop and I saw it as I walked past. It cost 50 cents, has all her favourite Sesame St Characters and she can do actions to the story so it's been read about 30 times this week!
  • Sophie Roberts and the Cheeky Monkey: This was a Christmas present and it has a personalised story. It's from Mooo.com.au and has great pictures, a good story and runs through the numbers 1 - 10 as well. She loves it :)
  • Wibbly Pig makes a tent: We borrowed this from the library and it's due to go back next week. She adores Wibbly Pig so I'm nervous about returning it! Maybe I'll renew it for another month...
  • Sophie's Big Bed: Soph got this as a present when she was born (or when she turned 1?) from a good friend of mine and right now it's like it tells her life story - her name is Sophie too, she sleeps in a big bed now.. the similarities are amazing ;)
So that's our 5 most popular books in the house this week!

Are your kids into books? If so, what are their favourites at the moment?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Totally spoilt for Mother's Day with a gorgeous new Vanchi nappy bag (just in time for baby #2) and the New Moon DVD.

Then a lovely breakfast of blueberry muffins and tea, with Sophie ditching her weet bix and going for some of her Dad's muffin (not getting mine, it's Mothers Day!)

And for the rest of the day, we have NOTHING planned!

I'm not even writing a To Do list today! We're just going to potter about the house doing whatever we feel like :)

What are your plans for today?

Friday, May 6, 2011

DVD Review and Giveaway: Tron Legacy

It's movie review time!

So you probably already know I'm a movie lover. I'll watch pretty much anything - comedy, rom com, action, sci fi, kids movies (lucky I now have a toddler to use as an excuse!), drama, etc.

So when I was sent a review copy of Tron Legacy I was very happy!

I hadn't seen the original movie TRON but I knew this was a sequel, so I was curious to know whether I would get lost in the storyline..

Here is my description of the storyline:

Sam Flynn, son of missing Kevin Flynn (from the original movie), basically gets pulled into the digital world his dad created, finds his father and realises his dad has been trapped in this world for the last 20 years thanks to.. well, I better not give that part away! Together with their warrior friend Quorra they try to escape, dodging bad guys and very advanced vehicles and weapons while heading for their destination.

I liked it, great special effects, the story is pretty interesting and it moved at a fast pace and kept me interested :)

After the end though, I couldn't stop thinking about the original TRON and wondering if there were things I didn't get about TRON Legacy that I would understand better if I saw the first movie.

So I watched TRON too. It cleared up a few things for me, gave me a bit more background and made me laugh a bit at the special effects used back then. Bit too much tech talk for me in the original though - I think TRON Legacy focuses much better on the characters and storyline!

If you would like to see TRON Legacy you can find it at most good DVD shops for RRP $39.95 (DVD), $49.95 (Blu-ray value pack), or $54.95 (3D Blu-ray pack).

Thursday, May 5, 2011

5 things to do when you are on hold


 Have you ever been stuck on the phone when you've been put on hold?

I don't mind waiting on the phone if it's for a good reason, as long as I know the person is coming back to me (extra points for them if they give me an idea of how long they will be!).

I've been inspired after reading this post on FiveHive.com so I thought I'd share my personal top 5 with you too:
  1. File my nails: I even have a little manicure case ready for when I'm on hold for ages
  2. Clean out my wallet: More receipts than money :(
  3. Put the dishes away: I'm a stacker, not a dryer, so there's always something there
  4. Declutter a drawer: Kind of an obsession that I normally never find time for, except after watching Hoarders 
  5. Sort through my email inbox: I sort by date, then delete any email  at least 3 months old as normally by then I've either done something with it, or am not going to
I have to admit having a phone with a speaker really helps so I don't have to do the whole balance-phone-on-shoulder thing..

Oh and let's not forget!

    6.   Repeatedly saying to Sophie: "No, it's Mummy's turn on the phone, I'll just be a minute!"

What are your top 5 (or 6) things to do when you're on hold?


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