Tuesday, May 31, 2011

3 days till baby!

So I'm booked in to have baby #2 on Friday. C Section. Today is Tuesday. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday... that's ONLY 3 days away! (I'm not counting Friday, that's THE day)!

I am quite an organised person usually. I have to be, I have a terrible short term memory so having routines and reminders are the only way I have life run smoothly. Considering this, you'd think I would be well prepared for baby's arrival, and generally I am (room's ready, etc), but I haven't packed my hospital bags yet..

I don't know why I'm stalling. I have this huge paranoia that I'll go into labour early and won't be ready, but for some reason this isn't really motivating me to pack. I'm motivated to clean out cupboards, to write down important reminders for the Husband while I'm gone (I know, I'm that wife) but actually do something that will help me out on B-day (baby day)? Nope.

Even now, rather than packing while my Husband has taken the Toddler out for morning tea, I'm blogging about packing rather than actually packing.

I do, however have a few excuses lined up for when I feel guilty about my lack of effort:
  • I need to pack the right comfy clothes and they need washing. And it's raining so I don't have anywhere to hang them. Better to just not do it yet.
  • I'm tired.
That's it.
That's all I have.

Wait, one more:
  • I'm worried I'll forget something.
I know the basics to pack, the internet and hospital pamphlets are great for that. But I'll be away from my home, and my 2 favourite people for a week. So I want to have a few extras to make me more comfortable. Even if they're just little things.

I know I'll be busy with the new baby... but to be honest when Sophie was born she slept so much there was a lot of down time during the day, and many times when I couldn't sleep so having a few little comforts with me would be lovely. I'm still a good mum, I swear ;)

Zoey from Good Goog reminded me this morning to pack my phone charger, for which I am very grateful as I'll go nuts without access to texts, emails, Twitter, FB, Blogpress, the Sunny Mummy Sisterhood and my favourite blogs to read.

I need your help too. What else should I pack for hospital?


  1. My bag included the following:
    -soft comfy clothes
    -puzzle book (i couldn't focus enough to read)
    -hairbrush & hair-ties
    -contacts/contact solution
    -toiletries - shower gel, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste

    But remember, you'll be occupied swooning over your new lovey. And anything you've forgotten can be brought by the husband. ;)

  2. Lisa RobertsonTuesday, May 31, 2011

    chocolate or lollies for snacking on (I know not hugely healthy for all that breastfeeding and all, but helped me), magazines for reading, paper and pen (for writing lists, baby feeding times, etc), list of people you are wanting to call and clothes for you and bub.

  3. How could I forget snacks! Ooh good point, the husband will definitely be making himself useful ;)

  4. I am due on 22 June and yes, have already packed my bag:)

    What's in there:
    - maternity pads
    - nursing pads
    - special maternity bra
    - massaging tool
    - towels of different sizes
    - toiletries (brush, creams, parfum, etc)
    - lipbalm!
    - dry shampoo
    - 2 Vogues (don't think i will be able to read anything but glossy pics will cheer me up thats for sure)
    - lollies, chocolate, nuts and chewing gum
    - nappies for baby
    - clothes for baby
    - my medical records
    - re: phone and other means of communications. I am going to leave them at home. Its a private event for me, so will try to avoid all the media distraction for as long as possible.
    - I also took things for taking showers for me and my partner but you case is different - so you wont need that...

    Well, fingers crossed for you honey! All the very very best!!! We will be sending you positive birthing vibes;)


    Marusya V

  5. Oh all the very very best Marissa. How exciting and wonderful :) This is a super organised one. I always pack a packet of baby thank-yous. Then when things were quiet in hospital i wrote my thank-yous for the gifts. If I didn't o that no-one would have got one. Because life is far to busy at home with a new born. Again all the best. Can't wait to see pics and news. Cazxx

  6. Not long now! Yay!

    I packed so many things I didn't need but here's a few things I'm glad I had:

    - Lovely shower gel, once you're allowed up and to have a shower a nice shower gel is great.
    - Granny knickers, lots and in black. After a c-section you can never have too many comfy granny knickers!
    - Photo of your loved ones
    - A book/magazine for that first little while when you're not allowed up

    Good luck on Friday - can't wait to hear your news x

  7. Love the thank you notes and photo ideas, thank you!

  8. The one thing I regretted forgetting was my facial cleansing & moisturising regime!!

  9. So exciting for you. Good luck :)

  10. Oh wow, Marissa. How exciting for you! I think everyone's got it covered here. Both times I found I didn't have enough rompers and had to get hubby to buy some more!
    And I'm nodding at the snacks comment. My top drawer was filled with yummy treats (aka chocolate!).
    Can't wait to hear more. Wishing you all the best! xx

  11. Wishing you a wonderful experience xxx



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