Thursday, May 5, 2011

5 things to do when you are on hold


 Have you ever been stuck on the phone when you've been put on hold?

I don't mind waiting on the phone if it's for a good reason, as long as I know the person is coming back to me (extra points for them if they give me an idea of how long they will be!).

I've been inspired after reading this post on so I thought I'd share my personal top 5 with you too:
  1. File my nails: I even have a little manicure case ready for when I'm on hold for ages
  2. Clean out my wallet: More receipts than money :(
  3. Put the dishes away: I'm a stacker, not a dryer, so there's always something there
  4. Declutter a drawer: Kind of an obsession that I normally never find time for, except after watching Hoarders 
  5. Sort through my email inbox: I sort by date, then delete any email  at least 3 months old as normally by then I've either done something with it, or am not going to
I have to admit having a phone with a speaker really helps so I don't have to do the whole balance-phone-on-shoulder thing..

Oh and let's not forget!

    6.   Repeatedly saying to Sophie: "No, it's Mummy's turn on the phone, I'll just be a minute!"

What are your top 5 (or 6) things to do when you're on hold?

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