Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Favourites: my toddler's 5 favourite books this week

Does your child have the same attachment to books as mine does?

Sophie LOVES books. She'll sit with me or her Dad while we read them to her, and if we are busy she'll go and get a book (or 7) out of her room, plonk herself down on her kid size lounge and read them herself - well, she can read a couple, the others I suspect she has memorised! She gets really attached to the characters and storylines, it's adorable :)

Here are her top 5 favourite books this week - the ones she has read over and over, and where we got them from:

  • That's not my Dolly: I picked this up in Big W around Christmas time. It's easy to follow and has a textural feature on each page so it's been a big hit!
  • Big Bird says: This was sitting in a window of a second hand shop and I saw it as I walked past. It cost 50 cents, has all her favourite Sesame St Characters and she can do actions to the story so it's been read about 30 times this week!
  • Sophie Roberts and the Cheeky Monkey: This was a Christmas present and it has a personalised story. It's from and has great pictures, a good story and runs through the numbers 1 - 10 as well. She loves it :)
  • Wibbly Pig makes a tent: We borrowed this from the library and it's due to go back next week. She adores Wibbly Pig so I'm nervous about returning it! Maybe I'll renew it for another month...
  • Sophie's Big Bed: Soph got this as a present when she was born (or when she turned 1?) from a good friend of mine and right now it's like it tells her life story - her name is Sophie too, she sleeps in a big bed now.. the similarities are amazing ;)
So that's our 5 most popular books in the house this week!

Are your kids into books? If so, what are their favourites at the moment?


  1. I don't think we had any of those for the girls. There are so many childs books around - and these all look so lovely. cazxx

  2. We're weekly visitors to the library. Ella's fave at the moment is Ella Bella Ballerina! Now, I wonder why... ;)

  3. OMG...Rainbow Magic books are the fave in our house - so popular we now have to figure out how to get Miss 5 to put them down to go to sleep, without discouraging her from reading altogether...



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