Thursday, June 9, 2011

Our Bathroom Reno's

We have a new bathroom!

I love our house, it's cute and cosy and perfect for us. All we really needed to do to fix it up when we moved in was add floorboards and give it a new coat paint. Except the bathroom.

Ok, to be honest, our bathroom was totally useable. It's just that the shower leaked, so the floor was always wet. And the tiles were that 80's pink colour you see on episodes of The Golden Girls. And the bath wasn't very deep. So while it did its job, there was no "Aah.." feeling when you went to have a long shower or bath - you know, that feeling you get when you have a shower or bath in a nice hotel...

That was my dream, to have a hotel style bathroom in our cosy house, including a bath where the water goes up higher than my knees, and a big shower that doesn't leak.

And now, we have one!

Husband did most of the work himself, with a little bit if help from family, and I am very impressed with the result. I think he's relieved about that because I complained nonstop for the whole 8 days of renovating!

Come on, I was heavily pregnant with no bathroom and an almost 2 year old toddler, so each day I packed us up in the morning and we went to a friend or family member's house to spend the day, shower, and return home at Sophie's bedtime. When you are 8 months pregnant, that's a big week.

I'm so proud of the Husband I thought I would show off some if his renovating pics:

No before picture I'm afraid, they were too keen to get started ripping the walls out!

But here's one of the old bathroom minus the walls:

And a couple of the gorgeous hotel style bathroom we have now!

Look at the size of the shower!

Huge! I love it.

Not too keen on cleaning it though, it would take forever! So I was very happy to get some Viva Shower wipes to trial.

They work quickly and easily and I can clean even with Soph following me as I don't need to worry about accidentally spraying her with cleaner from a bottle ;)

The bathroom is literally done in a couple of minutes, just like on the TV ad.

So I'm not going back to cleaning the old way. These are staying in my new gorgeous bathroom.

Look, they even have their own 'spot' I keep them in:

How do you clean your bathroom?


  1. Are they cupboards behind those shutters along the wall opposite the bath? That is a FANTASTIC idea!!!!
    Your new bathroom looks gorgeous!

  2. I'm too envious of your new bathroom to leave a real comment ;)



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