Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tell me what you think?

I'm doing some thinking about which direction to take this blog in and I'd love your input, so..

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  1. Hi Marissa
    I was trying to leave a comment it the "other" box of your poll and it wasn't accepting anything

    So I thought I'd add something here.

    I am so over give-aways
    I know they are a quick form of traffic to one's blog - but I don't think they are anything to build long term readers
    They remind me like a special rack in a shop - you go through it to find the bargain and you may not really intend on returning to the store again.

    I as a reader don't know how the blogger chooses the entrant either and don't really know if it is fair.

    There is 2 current popular blogs, both with a comp running at the moment and there were so many instructions asking you to link, post on twitter, like on facebook etc and then to re-do it as the more you do it the more entries - it HONESTLY was not worth my precious (little free) time I have.

    just my 2 cents worth - obviously I am honest about it as I wouldn't have bothered to have typed all these words at 10.30 at night when I should be in bed :))

    take care - I love your blog and I like the real life stories ( I think people are always fascinated with other peoples lives) and want to have a peep into your stories.




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