Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Review: Smith's Chips with less saturated fat

Chips are always going to be a 'sometimes' food for my kids - I try really hard to give them a healthy balanced diet.

That said, they are allowed (well, Sophie is - Georgie is only 2 months old) a treat twice a week - usually at their Grandparents' house :)

Treats for me mean things out of a packet - biscuits, cake, chocolate, chips, crackers, etc.

I was really happy to hear that Smith's have switched to sunflower oil as a healthier option. I tried them a couple of weeks ago and they tasted exactly the same to me - still crunchy, still the same nice flavour. I'll be more likely to pick them as the brand I buy when we have parties.

Here are a couple of things I didn't know about Smith's chips but was happy to find out:

  • One serve (27g) of the new Smith’s chips contains less than 0.9g of saturated fat (compared to 4.2g from chips cooked in 100% palmolein oil - the stuff they used before). That seems like a big difference to me..
  • Smith’s has also committed to reduce salt content by 25% across its product range by 2012. This is a big deal to me, as I am shocked at how high the salt content is in a lot of foods that kids aged 2 and under consume. Even in breakfast cereal and bread. And I can't find any Australian guidelines for how much salt kids can safely consume per day. That worries me.
Even with these changes, chips will still be a 'sometimes' food for my kids. But I feel a lot better on the days they have them now, and happy to buy Smith's.

I should point out that even though I'm strict with Sophie's diet, I am way too laid back with mine, and I think nothing of eating treats every day myself - usually when the girls are asleep. I know it's hypocritical and I'd love to be healthier myself to set a better example, but I just can't seem to get myself on track! Is anyone else like this, or is it just me?

**I was sent some complimentary packets of new Smith's chips for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are my own and 100% true.


  1. We all love chips in our house and Smith are the ones we buy.
    Love all the different flavours.
    My two year old is really into them at the moment!

  2. Hello lovely Marissa

    Mmmmm.... chips!

    Hot chips, cold chips (crisps) love them - keep them away from me.

    I think it has always been my junk food treat above all else. If I do I love smiths and kettle plain.
    It is the crunch and the salt for me. (sorry arteries!)

    I am a health nut at the best of times but the old handful of chippies are very hard to resist a couple.

    I will try these new ones- one day soon - not helping thank you with the weight I need to lose


  3. That sounds just like me I'll give the kiddies an apple each and I'll sneak a chocolate biscuit with my coffee :-(



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