Thursday, September 8, 2011

Busy Mum Tips: drying washing in wet weather

Wet weather in our house doesn't mean I can take a day off from the washing - although that would be lovely! But it does mean I can't use our outside washing line.

To tell the truth, I rarely use our outside clothesline anyway. We have a pretty big backyard so its hard to keep an eye on Soph running around while I'm pegging everything!

Instead, I need to be creative with our drying. Here's what we do at the moment:

  • Retractable clothesline in the Husband's Bar / Entertainment area: This works really well because it's covered and there's plenty of room.
  • Clotheshorse: I use this mainly to dry bibs and baby clothes, they're the 2 things I need to wash most often, even when it's raining.
  • Bathroom Drying Rack: This is really versatile, we use it to hang baby clothes to dry (on hangers, then I can put them straight into the wardrobe when dry), to dry wet washers overnight after bath time, and to hang up our bathmat to dry overnight:

It has a lot of hanging space but folds up so well, it was easy to install and blends in well with the bathroom wall.

It's so handy, it makes me love doing the washing! Ok, I can't back that up.

It makes me enjoy doing the washing a lot more than before on rainy days.. or when I'm feeling too lazy to go outside and hang it ;)

You can get these exclusively at Bunnings, so next time you are over there have a look at them. It's also handy to have if you live in a flat and don't have an outside line to dry on.

I did try to convince the Husband that we should get a pool now because this is a great place to hang wet swimmers and towels - they can just drip straight into the bath, not the floor.. It's a no on the pool for now, but I'll keep on him about it ;)

Where do you hang your washing when it rains?

** I received a complimentary Hills Somerton Drying Rack for the purpose of this review. My opinions are 100% honest and my own (so are the photos!)


  1. We have a full clothesline in the garage, which is handy for the bg items - towels, bed sheets etc.
    But the rest are all in the front lounge where all the sun is. But it does mean that on cold days the windows are filled with condensation, which in turn seems to lead to lots of colds. This is a great idea, Marissa. May have to pinch it from you! :)

  2. Hi Marissa

    I have a massive clothes horse I bring inside from it's normal position outside if it is raining. And I place it in the laundry, office or my bedroom.

    I always, whether I hang inside or out put 90% of my clothes on hangers.
    I find the items that don't need ironing go straight into the wardrobe when dry etc.
    The others that are ready for ironing don't seem as crushed either.

    I have all the hangers waiting in a purposed bucket and that is waiting always to hang clothes, clip hangers for the bottoms and normal hanging in children's and adults sizes.

    I hope that helps you too

    take care (we are supposed to be getting rain tomorrow - how befitting!


  3. I think I need that!! We have 2 clothes horses which are always in use over winter. So looking forward to summer and now clothes horses!!!!

  4. Oh, you crack me up! That is one great idea. We have floor vents for our central heating and I pop a clothes horse over the top with a sheet over the top - voila, dutch oven (without the funny smells). It works a treat during Melbourne winters!

    Nothing like a good practical post. Thanks Marissa!


  5. We have a clothesline on the back verandah, but there is too much humidity if it's raining. So we hang clothes on hangers and hang on a pull out clothes airer above a heater panel in the family room. Other things go on a clothes horse near another panel on the other side of that room. Our main problem is getting QS flannelette sheets dry as we have to fold them in 4 to fit on airer. Any ideas?



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