Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Busy Mum Tips: How to make ironing easier

I like to iron. There - I said it ;)

I know there are millions of people out there that hate ironing and don't iron at all, and I have no problem with that. If you don't like to iron, you shouldn't do it. But I really like it!

Why would anyone enjoy ironing? I love the soothing, repetitive nature of it. The way I can switch on autopilot and just enjoy watching a favourite TV show or movie while I work my way through a basket. For me, in an ideal world, it's a way to de-stress.

But I don't always live in an ideal world. A lot of the time my world is fast paced - with 2 little girls to keep entertained, commitments every day and just general every day busy-ness to handle. I love my busy life and I handle it well - but it doesn't often leave me with a couple of hours available to get into the ironing. As a result, my ironing load really adds up! This is what it usually looks like:

and I had more in a basket a little to the right of this chair!

I used to have a list of things to do to make my ironing easier and try to make the most of the time I had available. It included:

  1. Fold washing as soon as it comes off the line to prevent extra creases
  2. Sort washing before you iron it based on how hot you need your iron to be (I did jeans first, then T shirts, then worked my way down to light knits and floaty, lightweight materials), to save time waiting to the iron to heat up / cool down
  3. Have an extra jug of water next to you so you don't have to keep going to the tap to fill up your iron
  4. Use an extension cord to give you the freedom to set your iron up in front of the tv - then you are more likely to keep at it for longer
  5. Empty the water out of your iron as soon as you finish using it to prevent rust marks next time you use it
These tips are designed to help streamline the actual ironing itself, but even these little things took quite a lot of time to do, so looking back I don't know if it really saved me any time at all..

Anyway, that doesn't matter now because I have this:

It's the Phillips Perfect Care and I. Love. It. 

I love it because when I use this I don't have to do ANY of the steps I have listed above.

Seriously. You put water in, turn it on, wait 2 minutes and then iron everything. That's it.

I iron in whatever order I want - flimsy tops, then jeans, then a knitted jumper, then placemats - whatever I pick up from my basket - I don't even bother to look at it.  

It runs with lots of steam so wrinkles come out with one swipe over the material - and it doesn't give you a face full of steam (I have no idea how, but I love it).

I can iron for 2 hours after filling it up with water one time.

The water is held in the plastic base, not the iron, so no rust issues.

It has a really long cord so no extension needed - and it all packs up easily and neatly in the unit.

Now here's the thing: It's RRP is $599. That's a lot of money for an iron. Without knowing how good this iron is, I can't say I would have paid that price for it.

That's why I'm doing such a long blog post today - because it's made such a difference to my ironing, and if you feel the same way about ironing as I do, you need to know how much this will change ironing for you. 

And I feel a little guilty saying that because, until I used this iron, I was fiercely loyal to my Morphy Richards one. 

Sorry Morphy. But I can't go back (He's still in my cupboard, even though I haven't used him for over a month. I can't throw him out but I barely even notice he's there any more).

Have a look here for more information on the Phillips Perfect Care - it explains the whole 'can iron anything on a high heat' thing even better and you can find out where to buy it. I even found a $100 cash back offer here.

One final thought to leave you on: I found myself with some extra free time available once I started using this iron - so I asked little Sophie for some ideas on how we could use our extra time together. Here are her top 3 ideas:

Take more naps
Have more picnics

Play the drums more

Ok maybe I just wanted to show you those photos - she's so cute :)

** I was given a complimentary Phillips Perfect Care for the purpose of this review. My opinion of this product is my own and is 100% honest.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Busy Mum tips: 4 ways to get your toddler to eat their dinner

You want me to EAT this corn?? AH-hahahah!

Do you have little ones that won't eat their dinner?

Are you getting sick of having the same battle over and over again?

Even good eaters can be fussy at times, and for us it was a little after our Sophie turned 2 (coincidence? I don't think so), when she started refusing to eat things she had no problem with before (especially salad and veggies!) 

So we got determined and came up with a plan to address it. These ideas worked really well for us, so I'm sharing them tonight with you!

4 ways to get your toddler to eat their dinner:

1. Give them a bit of control with the little things: Let the kids butter their own bread, dunk their chips (or veggies!) in sauce, or sprinkle their own parmesan cheese on top and they'll take more of an interest in eating their dinner because they helped get it ready.

with Fushia Floral napkin
2. Eat together at a nicely set table: Kids love to act like 'grown ups' so give them a chance to 'be grown up' at dinner time - set a place for them at your table with the rest of the family, and make an occasion out of it! You can even set the table together - we are currently dressing our table with these cute place mats from MYdrap - the colours are beautiful, they have great environmental benefits (reusable and biodegradable) and the kids can have fun ripping them off the roll with you! When we make dinner time special and include Sophie as if she's an adult, she takes her cue from watching us eat our dinner and eats hers the same way.

3. Set your expectations clearly and firmly with a low tone of voice: If you want your toddler to at least eat 2 mouthfuls of their veggies, let them know with no confusion: "Show Mum 2 bites of vegetables, please" and be polite, but non-negotiable on it. Then talk about something else with the rest of the family so it doesn't become an attention thing or a battle of wills. If your expectations are reasonable and you hold your ground politely but firmly, you will have a positive result, and each meal after this will get easier and easier. 

4. Praise them when they do eat well: Really show them how happy and proud you are! Kids, just like a lot of adults, respond well to praise and are eager for more. We give hi-fives in our house, and it cracks Sophie up :)

So if you've been having difficulties at dinner time, I really hope these ideas help!

Please share any tips you have, I would LOVE to know them - you can never have too many!

**I was given a complimentary sample of Mydrap to try - my opnions of this product are true and my own.

Friday, October 14, 2011

A BIG weekend!

This weekend the Husband wants to play golf.

I want to go to the Activate Expo.

We also have swimming lessons, a family catch up, regular housework and jobs to do and somewhere want to find time to just relax. But we only have 48 hours!

It's really important to us that we both follow our own interests - after all, these are the things that make the person you fell in love with who they are! 

So to fit it all in this weekend we are taking turns: I'll go to the Expo on Saturday after Soph's swimming lesson, and take as much time as I like. Husband will go to golf on Sunday for as long as he likes while I take the girls to my family catch up and gossip over tea and (hopefully!) cake.

The girls will have a ball because they get special time with each of us.

We will spend Saturday and Sunday night relaxing at home together having couple / family time.

And I'll be ditching my to do list.


Ok I can't back that up, I love my To Do lists - but I'll keep it to 5 items or less, I swear!

What are you doing this weekend?

Where's Marissa?

It's been a while since I've posted on this blog, have you missed me?

Don't worry, I haven't been slacking off... I've been here.

It's my new blog, where I share hints, tips and stories on how to live a calm, organised lifestyle.

Organising is my biggest passion apart from my family and lately I have found myself writing more Busy Mum Tips than anything else. The thing is, I want to help everyone, not just busy mums, but busy people :)

So while I'll still be blogging the same amount, I'll be sharing the content across the 2 blogs.

Here, I'll be posting mainly my family and every day life stories, but to be honest I think you'll see a bit of a crossover here and there. I'll also be linking to each blog from the other when the content applies to both blogs.

I hope you will join me there!


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