Thursday, January 19, 2012

KORA Organics featuring Sophie

My KORA Organics order came! Sophie walked in half way through so you get to see her hamming it up in this video :)

I used it for the first time last night and it was lovely, the only thing I wasn't 100% happy with was the smell of the hydration mist - it's really strong! Hope I get used to it quickly! Other than that, very happy with this product so far.


  • I paid for this skincare line myself, and they threw in a free bamboo toothbrush :)


  1. Hey my names Catherine and i have had my eye on Kora organics for a while but am very anxious to make the big splurge on their products. Please do a small update on them as soon as you can :) thanks!

    1. Hi Catherine, I've been using the KORA products for around 2 and a half months now, and I really like them. I got used to the smell of the mist really quickly and my skin is soft and supple (which is rare for me because I have really sensitive skin). So yep, I would recommend it. I'm saving up now to try the tinted day cream!



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