Thursday, January 5, 2012

Play Ideas

We've been spending a few days at home in an effort to stay out of the heat!

2 year old Sophie is getting better at playing by herself which frees me up a little for the baby, housework and blogging.. But there are still times at home where she gets bored.

I'm happy to play with her when I can but some days I struggle to think of things to do!

So today I sat down and wrote out a list of play ideas I can set up easily:

I'll use the Supernanny Play and Walk Away technique so I can still have some balance with everything else I need to do.

How do you deal with bored kids at home?


  1. Love this idea. I think I should do something like this!

  2. I am a firm believer in writing things as when your brain stops working you can just refer tot he list. In my mind, I always mean to get all sorts of toys and activities laid our but in real life... rarely happens! Supernanny technique is great and thanks for the reminder. It's always annoying for them to hear 'in a minute' and 'after I do this." Her method really does work when I've tried it.



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