Thursday, March 1, 2012

How to cope when your kids are sick

Warning: I'm currently living through a bout of sickness in our house. So I'm a little tired and cranky ;)

This post is for all the parents out there who freak out when one of their kids gets sick.

You know - the type of panic you get when you realise that one by one, everyone in the family is going to get it too, and you just want to run away.

I'm not proud of it, but I am that mother. It doesn't mean I don't love my family. It doesn't mean I won't take care of my sick children. But it's really hard, and really stressful. Well, it is for me.

So if you're like me and need some tips on how to cope when your kids get sick, keep reading...

How to cope when your kids are sick:

  • Cancel everything social: I know this isn't easy, but a) do you really want to spread those germs around? I HATE it when people do that to us.  and b) It's hard work taking sick kids out and about!
  • Relax and just do the bare minimum around the house: This might mean paper plates and cups so you don't have to wash up, getting take away or having simple meals (or toast for dinner!), or just doing the washing and skipping folding and ironing for a few days. Give yourself a break.
  • Get friendly with soap, wipes and Glen 20: the cleaner toys and hands are, the less likely the germs are going to spread. And keep your windows open.
  • Try to separate the sickies from the healthy: For example, healthy ones get to play outside, in the lounge room and in their bedroom. Sickies are confined to their bedroom and Mum and Dads room (with the windows open - so germs don't stick around to get Mum and Dad!). And no toy sharing for a few days. And if they're both in nappies, do not share the change table - change the healthy one somewhere else.
  • Set up as many play activities as you can think of for everyone and use the Supernanny 'play and walk away' technique to cut down on clinginess: books, colouring, plastic bag paint pictures, movies, water play, board games, hopscotch, the 'clean the toys' game - anything and everything (and expect each activity to last around 20 mins at the most). It'll keep the littlies busy and keep you sane ;)
  • Try really, really hard to stay calm and pleasant: This will be hard. especially if you're a litle high maintenance yourself, like I am. So plan something nice for yourself to do when every one is better (I'm going to the movies), and remember, if you are nice and calm, everyone else will be too. (At this point I'd like to apologise to The Husband, because I have not done this well over the last couple of days. I'm working on it today though, I swear)
So there are my tips! 

Now, please, PLEASE, share yours - I need all the help I can get this week!


  1. Cry. Just cry. Let it out. Lol. I find it theraputic.
    Ask someone to make you a meal. Send me your address via text - I will bring you some. Seriously. Do it. Now.

    1. Oh Steph, thank you so much! We're all set for dinners til the weekend but you made my day just offering! xx

  2. 2 sick kids in my house this week too. My advice is to do everything that absolutely needs to be done as soon as you have a chance, if you put it off untill later you'll find that your looking after a miserable child just when you planned to cook, clean etc. And rest when you can, dont stay up late catching up on housework it can wait, get some sleep instead



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