Monday, April 16, 2012

Sophie's currently loving: Lego

It started with sharing her cousin's Lego at Nanna's house a couple of weeks ago.

Now, Lego is a firm favourite of Soph's!

She was thrilled when a package of Lego arrived on our doorstep this morning, started playing straight away and 2hrs later while I type this post - still going!

She can't wait to tell her cousin all about it and share her set with him now :)

Happy 50th Lego!

Lego has been in Australia for 50 years this year. To celebrate with them, check out

I love this story about John Peddie arriving in Australia with a briefcase full of Lego..

Do your kids play with Lego?


  1. My nephew LOVES lego, and his little sister always wants to play with him. They should (or do they?) make lego for little girls as well!

  2. After s busy Saturday morning with soccer my kids rediscovered lego Sat afternoon and haven't stopped playing with it since. I love the designs they have built and their clever engineering. It seems to be seasonal but always a favourite with all of them - aged 11,8,5 and 3.



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