Saturday, April 7, 2012

Wibbly Pig and Angelina Ballerina: DVD Review (and saving my sanity a little!)

This Wibbly Pig DVD is on daily rotation at our house at the moment, and we are loving it.

I'm not complaining - It got us through a month of rough times at home - concussion, gastro, constipation, gastro (again!), hospital visits and teething. So I am embracing television at the moment, especially when it means I get a half hour to blog again :)

Every morning the girls get to pick one DVD each to watch and for the last few weeks, Wibbly Pig has been Sophie's choice. In fact, I think I just heard her ask her Dad for it just now!

Meanwhile, Georgia is in love with Angelina Ballerina.

I think it's because it's pink. She loves pink - how does a baby pick a favourite colour at 10 months??

I think these shows are great for under fives - they're happy themes, with lots of singing and dancing included. I find myself humming the songs as I potter around the house, and Sophie has the Wibbly Pig "Super Shadow Show" song and dance down pat - she could almost pass a Young Talent Time audition at this point, she's so cute ;)

The only problem? With daily playing, they're getting scratched quickly, so I'm looking for ways to protect or repair the DVDs if they stop working.

Any ideas?

  • We received a complimentary copy of each DVD (and a few others) to review - These are the girls' favourites of the bunch
  • My opinions (and the girls' opinions) are honest and our own
  • There was no payment for this review

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