Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What I Wore: Hanging out with the kids at Mum's

I take my kids to visit my mum for a whole day every Thursday.

They get to play with their cousins as well and it's very cute!

I wore this, so I could feel pretty but still be able to get down on the floor for playing, changing nappies, picking up thousands of toys after Soph was finishes with them, etc..

Shoes from KMart 
Leggings from  KMart
Denim Skirt an old maternity one (but look how cute it is!)
Black shirt from KMart
Hmmm, seeing a pattern ?!?
Orange Scarf from a little shop at Westfield that I can't remember the name of (sorry!)
Earrings from Michael Hill
Headband from the same shop as the scarf (What is that shop's name?!?)

Find something similar at Shopstyle:

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  1. Hey Marissa! Thanks so much for letting me join in with your what I wore link up!

    Personally- I LOVE me some kmart threads!

    xo em



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