Friday, May 25, 2012

What's B-School and why are women on the net going crazy over it?

Have you seen Marie Forleo and her B-School mentioned A LOT over the internet the past month or so?

You may be familiar with Marie and her Marie TV videos on You Tube, or you might be wondering why so many bloggers, business owners and entrepreneurs (especially women!) are going on about her.

Simply put, Marie helps women make the most of their online presence and use their passion to make money and change the world.

How does this relate to blogging?

I see a lot of women doing exactly what I do with blogging.

We start out blogging because it's a great way to record what's happening in our lives, to keep in touch with family, to have adult conversation when we're surrounded by kids all day, or to follow a passion that we don't get to fulfill at work. 

Then we notice we're getting regular readers. People start to comment, email, and ask us questions relating to what we blog about. 

We start to get great ideas on how we can answer those questions and help even more people with our blogs - advice, product recommendations, creating products ourselves, helping people virtually or in person - this is what happened to me with Beautifully Organised and I see it a lot on other blogs.

So we spend all this time helping others, and we LOVE it.

Then we start to notice it's taking time away from our families, our loved ones.

We start looking at how to find a balance, and for a lot of us, it's to make an income from blogging - to justify time spent away from family - to indulge in our passion AND support the family AND help others.

But the income part is hard. No one minds when you help for free, but when you start looking to earn money, you get a lot of negativity.

People don't see you earning money as a way to free you up to devote time to your blog and business. They don't always see that with some extra $$ coming in you don't have to work full time hrs in a traditional job and can use that time for others.

So what does this have to do with B-School?

Whether you're a new blogger or writer, have an established online presence but aren't making money from your passion, or own a business that you want to leverage online but are not sure how to, B-School will help you put those pieces together.

I'm proud to be affiliated with this program because I've learnt so much just from the free tips Marie gives here.

I saw results from the day I started putting these tips into action - and I didn't have to be sleazy or scammy about it - there were things I hadn't considered for my blogging and business that would help so many people and reward me too, that now seem so simple, I'm kicking myself because I didn't do it 6 months ago.

So I signed up for B-School this year and I can't wait to see where it takes me.

If you're keen to find out more or come on this journey with me, here's my affiliate link. If you're going to B-School too, tell me so we can chat about how we are doing as we go along :)

xx Marissa


  1. Hi Marissa, sounds very interesting - I'm going to subscribe to your blog and look forward to hearing about what you learn.


  2. So much going on on the net these days :) Shall have to watch and see what it's all about!

  3. Wow Marissa - that is awesome that you are enrolled - i watch her Q & A videos every Tuesday and read everything she puts on the net if i can - brilliant chick and you will learn so much and make so many wonderful connections from what I can see of B school - good luck!

  4. Love to hear how this goes for you! I saw the video the other week but got distracted! Love to hear more about it :)

  5. Maria is certainly inspiring. looking forward to watching your journey.




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