Friday, June 15, 2012

Real Life fashion: Easy, stylish and comfy outfit for busy Mums

Brown boots, black tights, long white singlet, extra long grey cardi, orange scarf

So you know I'm all about making life as easy as possible - especially with 2 kids under 4 to look after.

Soph's at an age where she'll help out around the house or play well by herself, but Georgia's just started to crawl and she's fast!

Here's what I look for in clothing at the moment:
  • Flattering
  • Easy to move in - can I sit on the floor in it and play with the kids, change nappies, etc?
  • Warm (it's winter here in Australia)
  • Goes with other things I have in my wardrobe
  • Multi purpose - can I wear it in different ways?
I'm loving these Proskinsright now - they're warm, stretchy & comfortable AND flattering - they're supportive as well. Check out my legs ;)

Black goes with everything in my wardrobe so that's easy but what I'm most impressed with is how  many different ways I've been able to wear them.

I love tights with long shirts and even longer cardis, (and of course cute boots and a scarf).

But just in case you are more of a 'leggings aren't pants' person, here are the other ways I wear them:
  • Under a denim skirt
  • Under a knitted dress
  • Under slouchy pants on really cold days when I'll be outside
  • As workout pants - really comfy and I feel a bit sexy in them too which helps a workout ;)
  • Under my pjs on a cold night
Actually, the 'under my pjs on a cold night' AND 'as workout pants' work really well together when I work out first thing in the morning!

If you're thinking about adding a good quality, flattering, versatile pair of leggings to your wardrobe, this is the brand I recommend.

The price point is higher than I would normally shop for but in terms of value for wear - so worth it. My $10 Kmart tights lost most of their stretch after the first wear and pilled & faded really quickly (sorry Kmart, I still love you but not your leggings) - I've had NO fading or pilling yet with these and I've had them for a couple of months now now, so to compare cost per wear:
  • Kmart tights - not as flattering, damaged after 1 wear = $10 per wear
  • Proskins - look better, feel better and no damage after at least 15 wears = $10 per wear. And they are still going strong - I'm expecting more than double that number of wears
You can find out more about Proskins here, check them out and tell me how you would wear them!


I received a pair of complimentary Proskins for this review I love them - even wore them today writing this blog post :)

Edit Jan 11, 2013: I've just become a Proskins affiliate today so I've adjusted the links to reflect my affiliate tracking. I still wear these heaps and they gone really well over time - no wear or damage to report so far!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Behind the scenes of a review at MWAB

So I've been addicted to Red Rock Deli Corn Chips lately! But the review post I had originally planned for them did NOT turn out how I thought it would!

Come behind the scenes with me..

I had a lovely blog post all thought out for you - my plan was to take a lovely pic of my little family all playing outside for the afternoon, snacking on our new corn chips with some good cheese, some salsa, etc and generally having a lovely relaxing time.

We were given 3 different flavours to try out:

  • Trio of cheeses
  • Sea Salt
  • Fire roasted red chilli & lime (oh boy, these were my hot, and SO good!)

The weather was too cold the first day I planned our little picnic afternoon tea, so instead of styling up a photo opp outside I just opened a pack and we snacked on them inside - they didn't last long.

Oh well, we still have 2 packs left.

Then a couple of days later I noticed a second pack had disappeared... turns out the Husband has given them to his Mum and Dad to try after raving about them.

No problem, we have a pack left - I can still do my pretty picnic snacking photo on the weekend.

Then this happened on the Friday night:

Yes, that's the Husband with the last packet of corn chips. Opened. Eating them.

At least he was nice enough to share them with me (ok - I snatched the packet away from him and ate the rest)!

Man, I wish we still had some left now - it's so cold and rainy here today, a nice spicy snack would be perfect :)

Do you like spicy food?

xx Marissa


I received complimentary packs of RRD Corn Chips for this review. My favourite is definitely the Fire Roasted Red Chilli & Lime, but Trio of Cheeses nearly won ;)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Baby Ear Piercing: What age would you do it?

Georgia turned 1 last Sunday!

We got Soph's ears pierced when she turned 1, so it was natural for me to book Georgia in at this age as well.

There's only place in our area that I could find to pierce ears as young as this, which I found really surprising..

I had my ears done when I was really little and I don't remember it at all. Then I had a second set done when I was around 15, and I hate the memory of it, and all the care I had to take to make sure my ears didn't get infected. Now I don't even wear the second set anymore!

So given my 2 experiences I had no hesitation getting the girls ears done at 1 year. We had 2 beauticians do Sophie's ears at the same time so there was only 1 moment of impact and it was over in a couple of minutes.

The girls went to do the same yesterday with Georgia but one pulled away at the last second as Georgia moved a little - fair enough too! So Georgia's took about 5 minutes altogether. She cried for a couple of minutes and by the time we left the shop she was happy and chatty again.

I think she looks adorable :)

What are your thoughts? Did you have your ears pierced when you were young? What about your kids? How do you feel about it?


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